Modern 9 Elmstone House by Daniel Marshall Architects

Modern 9 Elmstone House by Daniel Marshall Architects

Architects: Daniel Marshall Architects
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 2011
Area: 4,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Emily Andrews

A rural connection – the site spreads out from the end of a peaceful Auckland circular drive and slants steeply away towards the North. The brief was to give a family home to a youthful crew. It was vital to keep up open ground for the young men to play on and to consider a vegetable patio nursery. The house was to be as financial as could be expected under the circumstances thinking of it as’ 400m2 story territory.


The engineering procedure that created was to orchestrate house volumes as thickly as could be expected under the circumstances in such a design, which managed the precarious site, and to guarantee that sufficient ground was left in play for the young men. Spaces are organized vertically more than three levels, each with its own particular unmistakable standpoint toward the patio nursery and pool. The essential structure is en-shut underneath a solitary inclined rooftop, which permits variety of floor and roof levels to individualize the spatial experience all through the home.


Mechanical materiality; precast solid dividers and straightforward solid floors, play against the refined yet inconspicuous enumerating of more conventional private completions. The arrangement of solid components inside of the home adds to a warm mass to ingest the warmth from abundant northern and eastern sun to manage interior temperature of the house.

Modern-9-Elmstone-House-02 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-03-1 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-03 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-04-1 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-04-2 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-04 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-05 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-06 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-09 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-10 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-11-1 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-11 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-12 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-18 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-19 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-20 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-22 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-23 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-24 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-31 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-32 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-33 Modern-9-Elmstone-House-34

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