Ridge House by Marko Simcic & Brian Broster

Ridge House by Marko Simcic & Brian Broster

Architects: Marko Simcic & Brian Broster
Location: Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada
Year: 2009
Area: 2,560 sqft
Price: $2.17 million
Photo courtesy: Marko Simcic, Brian Broster & Sotheby’s

Our reaction to this site and our customer’s relationship to it was to pervade this 2,500 square foot retreat with a feeling of coasting over the edge as opposed to being secured to it. Having an in number relationship to both the north and south introductions described by openness and separation together with steep evaluations, this site displayed a support from which the rooftop developed as the venture’s arranging highlight.


The vast collapsing rooftop structure turned into the essential walled in area of space—it arranges, centers and augments the encounters; the open air cantilevers shield from downpour, wind and summer sun while catching reflected light from the sea; the roof reflects introduced lighting and adjusts acoustics giving conditions to the customer’s musical exhibitions; and keep running off is coordinated to a north accumulation/reflecting pool.


Past this, the rooftop met the site and customers with a tasteful buddy—as both a land and musical metaphor.

Ridge-House-03 Ridge-House-04 Ridge-House-05 Ridge-House-06 Ridge-House-07 Ridge-House-08 Ridge-House-09 Ridge-House-10 Ridge-House-11 Ridge-House-12 Ridge-House-13 Ridge-House-14 Ridge-House-15 Ridge-House-16 Ridge-House-17 Ridge-House-18 Ridge-House-19 Ridge-House-20 Ridge-House-21 Ridge-House-22 Ridge-House-23 Ridge-House-24 Ridge-House-25 Ridge-House-26 Ridge-House-27 Ridge-House-28 Ridge-House-29 Ridge-House-30 Ridge-House-31 Ridge-House-32

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