Modern Villa U in Aarhus, Denmark by C.F. Møller

Modern Villa U in Aarhus, Denmark by C.F. Møller

Architects: C.F. Møller
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Year: 2015
Area: 2,153 ft²/ 200 m²
Photo courtesy: Julian Weyer

Estate U is a two-story single family home close Aarhus situated in excellent surroundings with picturesque perspectives. The house, which exploits the perspective and its vicinity to nature on three sides, is sorted out around a tall twofold stature focal space with sky facing windows, joined by a sculptural staircase and block chimney offering plentiful space to show-stoppers.


This room is the heart of the house, entwining each room with open perspectives spreading over both floors of the home.


The ground floor and upper floor are planned as reflected parallelograms, making an incomprehensible exhibit of open and secured patios and specialties on both levels, surrounded by an exterior of dull patinated zinc with a warm-conditioned inward coating of hardwood moldings.


The house is outfitted for wheelchair use with an exceptional private lift. The ground floor has a lounge room, kitchen and rooms with direct access to cast porches in the encompassing scene, and additionally an anteroom and utility room in augmentation of the incorporated garage.


The upper floor includes a lounge with porches confronting both east and west, and in addition an extensive room with its own particular lavatory, stroll in storeroom and morning patio. The parking space rooftop is home to a green rooftop garden.


Substantial tile floors, pigmented oak floors, handcrafted kitchen units and exclusively let go block furnish a standing out parity from the house’s light tones, shaping textural surfaces that complement the constantly evolving light. The home’s nearness to green surroundings is improved by the liberal, floor-to-roof glass dividers and streaming moves in the middle of inside and out.

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