Cala Ambolo House by Ramon Esteve Estudio

Cala Ambolo House by Ramon Esteve Estudio

Architects: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Location: Jávea, Alicante, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 7,537 sqft
Photo courtesy: Ramon Esteve Studio

Located in a privileged environment, on top of a cliff with panoramic views of great landscape value, on the one hand facing the Cala Ambolo, and on the other side facing the Bay of Granadella, in Javea. The house stands as a viewpoint to the open sea in multiple directions.

“The House in Cala Ambolo consists of a strategically fragmented area that addresses the
views towards the visual interest of the plot”








In order to exploit of the uniqueness of this site, the house is formed by a strategically fragmented element, which directs the views of the different rooms to all the visual interest of the plot, in order to generate spaces of interest and impact, in every one of its facades.

“The housing is supported on a plinth of stone that anchors it to the ground”


Access is by the bottom of the plot, through a stairway, so that the House is at the top, resting on a stone base built into the ground, oriented to the north along with combined flared stone with large glass planes. It has a terrace that opens to the garden access, with typical Mediterranean vegetation, pine trees, citrus and olive trees, with the Bay of la Granadella as landscape background.

“The south terrace is topped off with an infinity pool, of longitudinal form and slits that rests
on the cliff of the Cala Ambolo. This visual is framed by a large glass façade”


Infinity Pool

The front area of the terrace is formed by a large platform and an “infinity” swimming pool of linear measurements and fragments that rests on the Cala Ambolo. This orientation is framed by a large glass façade. In order to liberate the space of structural elements that hinder the pleasant views over the sea, the carpentry used in the division of glass is structural. The terraces are protected with large metal cantilevers.


Interior Design

The interior is treated as a continuous and fluid space, where from any point you can obtain different visuals of the outside. The double height living room gives the home a larger scale and magnificence. On the ground floor are the day areas, while bedrooms are situated on the first floor joined by a continuous patio that setbacks on the swimming pool.


In addition, the interior of the housing has been designed entirely by Ramon Esteve Studio. The materials and the color gamut used to provide the home the typical freshness of a Mediterranean house. All fixed furniture has been designed specifically for the home, from the Kitchen Island, and cabinets, up to the closets, bedrooms and bathrooms.


Integrated lighting

Lighting is integrated into the projected architecture and the furniture, so that it promotes the intentional power of its distinctive fragmented forms.

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