The Pool of Roccolo by Act Romegialli

The Pool of Roccolo by Act Romegialli

Architects: Act Romegialli
Location: Lombardia, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Marcello Mariana

The project was born from the request of the client to create a pavilion with an indoor pool and service areas directly connected to the relevant part of the residence that would be able to interfere as little as possible with the view from the house to the surrounding park.
Also create a living space connected to the historical part of the house that would allow the garden to live in a more ‘direct and engaging.

The Pool of Roccolo-01

The main residence, a liberty villa of the early twentieth century, bought and restored by the current owners a few years ago, is located on the edge of the extensive grounds of relevance and was built to serve the roccolo hunting present on the hill. In the south of the park, at the time of the restoration, it was built a small artificial lake.

The Pool of Roccolo-02

On this basis, and after an accurate topographical survey of the site, to interfere as little as possible with the surrounding landscape, it was decided to create an underground hall that interpreting the natural gradients of the park could also enjoy direct views to the outside. Furthermore it was established that the new pavilion is not carried out in adherence to the volume of the residence but placed at a certain distance, in a strategic position in relation with the reservoir, so as to create an entirely new and independent to reach through a path approach that would emphasize confidentiality. A new place to discover.

The Pool of Roccolo-03

The pavilion and ‘connected to the main residence by a route that also underground with a planimetric irregular, to avoid the presence of some tall trees existing port via a staircase to a space totally glass that opens onto the surrounding park. This large conservatory, connects the spaces more ‘structured the historic house with the path that leads to the underground hall of the pool. A thin glass link bridge connects the new conservatory with the villa.

The Pool of Roccolo-04

The steel structure of the conservatory consists of steel plates and ‘was brought outside the perimeter glass thus giving’ depth ‘to the total volume and shifting the emphasis from the score of windows that provide the energy needed to power live performances space in all seasons. The realization of this new volume fully glazed, directly connected with the outside space, allowed to remodel on this side also the level of the park in order to place in direct relation with the plan of the garden on the ground floor of the residence.

The Pool of Roccolo-05

The underground space that houses the pool, locker rooms, fitness areas / relaxation and a small kitchen and the gym is organized through a sequence of volumes from elementary geometry. Made of oak or alternately exposed cement house the various functions available.

The Pool of Roccolo-06

For the coating material of the tank and of the surrounding paving and ‘chosen to use a ceramic mosaic neutral color. This material characterizes each element required for correct operation of the pool (steps, edges, etc) but at the same time is able to adapt also to coat curvilinear shapes and gives the maximum sense of continuity ‘to the total volume (walls, floor, exterior, Hot ). The result sought and ‘to a body of water that poured in after the pavilion has found natural place and a state of peace in the parts more’ low volume (the tank).

The Pool of Roccolo-07

A liquid contained within soft shapes and dynamics in which you dive through a “bank” secondary with a slight slope leads us gradually to immerse ourselves in the main volume of the pool. The pool water level has been designed to the same level of the outer surface of the artificial lake, linking directly the two bodies of water. All the technical elements necessary for ventilation, air conditioning, automatic cover of the tank etc. They are inserted as discreetly as possible in the overall architectural design.

The Pool of Roccolo-08

The west front of the pavilion and ‘entirely characterized by the presence of a large sliding door or window that can’ disappear completely in a structural gap thus giving ‘in the summer months continuity’ to the total internal and external space. To correlate the two liquids has created a small patio / sundeck lowered by 40 cm. compared to the levels of the water. This space low and protected from view the average ratio of the soft naturalness ‘of all around and geometries more’ simple and linear pavilion.

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