Loft Lo Curro by Matías Silva Aldunate Architect

Loft Lo Curro by Matías Silva Aldunate Architect

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Photos courtesy: Matías Silva Aldunate Architect

The thought was to add to a workshop-studio that houses expressions of the human experience and the diversion of a Greek giver. This is an alternate venture that empowers the faculties and turns into a place that permits individuals feel detached and disengaged from the urban environment. The arrive on which the space is found is a vast slope with enormous trees and plentiful vegetation, where you can discover marvelous perspectives of the city. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep up its status as a Park, we decided to work with the open air scene by appropriating the neighbors’ vegetation since there are no wall.


We chose to make two separate areas that are situated at every end of the ground and which are connected by diverse inside courses, which were painstakingly outlined.


Area 1: Workshop room, kitchen-lounge area, Desk-Bedroom, and Bath-Sauna. The inside association of the space depended on a solid floor arrangement. From within you can see the city through a vegetal patio of twofold stature.


Area 2: Barbecue range, pool, restroom and basement. This spot creates a transversal area in the normal landscape and sorts out the space linearly.


Both areas are connected through diverse ways making rest and consideration territories.


The materials picked are basically striated solid squares and metal structures lined in rusted steel. These materials all the while get to be backings for climbing plants that will in the long run change over vast solid dividers into plant (green) dividers. To improve the vegetation we exploited the incline with a specific end goal to lead the waters and water the vegetation naturally. Likewise, the space is incorporated into a scene of rich trees.

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