Psychiko House by Divercity Architects

Psychiko House by Divercity Architects

Location: Athens, Greece
Year: 2012
Photos courtesy: Erieta Attali

This private habitation in Psychiko, a well-to-do suburb of Athens, was intended for greatest opportunity of development and adaptability. The house is separated into three unmistakable zones: a stone center propelled by the cautious rock of the Acropolis, an amphitheatrical upper floor, envisioned as a couple of binoculars surrounding the broad city perspectives, and a straightforward living zone that possesses the space between them.


Every zone is associated through a notional lace going through the site. A progression of astonishments playing with light and scale, the outline misuses the strain between clashing components – haziness and straightforwardness, closeness and openness, bends compared with rakish geometry. Conversely with the liquid inside, the outside divider is clad in stone, protecting the home from the encompassing structures.


This limit peels away to make a private garden that opens up to the neighboring house, which has a place with the same crew. The clearing bend of the outer divider is resounded by the swimming pool, a waterway that interfaces the front and back of the house.


With a passage covered in the stone divider, the marble carport serves as a display for the proprietors’ gathering of vintage autos and present day craftsmanship.


Coated allotments, sky facing windows, and slatted blinds permit common light to infiltrate the open-arrangement living spaces.


A progression of cuts and openings in the sculptural façade acquire the outside. Situated on the first floor, the rooms are suspended in mid-air, with picture windows that edge the dynamite view crosswise over Athens. The impact is similar to remaining on the edge of a jumping board prepared to dive into the citysca.



psychiko-house-07 psychiko-house-08 psychiko-house-09 psychiko-house-10 psychiko-house-11 psychiko-house-12 psychiko-house-13 psychiko-house-15 psychiko-house-16

psychiko-house-18 psychiko-house-19 psychiko-house-20 psychiko-house-21

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