Mediterranean Modern House in Zakynthos by Katerina Valsamaki Architects

Mediterranean Modern House in Zakynthos by Katerina Valsamaki Architects

Architects: Katerina Valsamaki Architects
Location: Ammoudi, ZakynthosGreece
Year: 2015
Area: 2,960 ft²/ 275 m²
Photo courtesy: Konstantinos Thomopoulos

Ammoudi House In Zakynthos: The house is situated in the upper east corner of the Island of Zakynthos, in the mid year town Ammoudi that implies sandy shoreline and it is named after the little shoreline before the site. The house is intended for a three part family and their visitors as a get-away house, however the configuration is sufficiently adaptable to serve as a changeless home later on.


The range has nothing vernacular except for mostly summer abiding sand inns worked amongst the lovely common scene by the ocean. The 2.5 sections of land plot has an unpredictable shape and a smooth incline. The plot confronts a city low movement street toward the west, whilst it opens up to the ocean toward the east. The plot is thickly planted, particularly at its limits, with trees and vines making a privategarden.


The configuration is centered around coordinating the working into the encompassing scene of low vegetation, vineyards and olive trees, whilst guaranteeing that every huge zone of the house have a perspective of the ocean. This parameter, directed a for the most part straight plan, where the living spaces are produced in the inside and the dozing ranges are situated on either side of the focal space. The position, introduction and the stature of the building make it verging on imperceptible from the road, while it opens up totally to the ocean.


The house is made out of three low volume areas taking after the tender normal incline of the site and its stature step by step increments from the street into the plot. This composition reduces the effect of the building volume on the common and the manufactured environment, since the long arrangement of the house is never seen without a moment’s delay.


The most minimal area close to the street is incorporated with the southwest pergola that characterizes the passageway and it additionally interfaces everyone of the segments together.A catwalk parallel toward the southwest façade reaches out through a semi secured yard into the passageway of the house. The yard goes about as a component of the patio nursery and it is straightforwardly open from the workplace/guest room.


The principle focal volume, which suits the living-public areas,opens out through the vast coated screens to the ocean and the ventured garden on the east and to the patio and the olive greenery enclosure on the west. The inner spaces are outwardly reached out with the development of the pergolas. The straightforwardness of the parallel coated surfaces, which possess the whole stature of the space, fortifies the visual vulnerability and disposes of the limits between the inside and the outside. The inhabitants are completely in contact with nature and the progressions of the normal light for the duration of the day and the year. All inward living regions can be changed over into a huge outside secured space when the sliding glass boards are opened. The spatial coherence is further strengthened by the uniform layering of the floor tiles from within to the outside.


The visual expansion of the inside spaces is rehashed by the ventured volumes of the resting regions.


Indoor and outside, shaded or open spaces constitute three solidarities in connection to the elements of the house, to the articulation of the level of security and introduction.

Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-08 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-09 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-10 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-11 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-12 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-13 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-14 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-15 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-16 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-17 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-18 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-19 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-20 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-21 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-22 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-23 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-24 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-25 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-26 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-27 Mediterranean-Modern-House-in-Zakynthos-by-Katerina-Valsamaki-Architects-28

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