Natural tints and patterns of a home near Kiev by Prodan Design & Kirill Konstantinov

Natural tints and patterns of a home near Kiev by Prodan Design & Kirill Konstantinov

Architects: Prodan Design & Kirill Konstantinov
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Andrei Bezuglov

Having spent their expert lives in business and with their kids moved out, this couple needed a house that they can really call their home. A house in which they can appreciate each other’s conversation, also of the organization of individuals staying over. They asked Nelly Prodan and Kirill Konstantinov to plan an inside and make this wish work out.


The focal subject of the inside are characteristic tints and examples: a strong grayish and grayish base that extremely well backings the warm, common nut wood and wenge lacquer, and dark accents. A significant part of the inside is specially designed by Ukrainian skilled workers. The floors are cleared with fired Apavisa stone-designed tiles. Together with the wooden ground surface, this pleasantly supplements the overal subject.


Day by day life happens on the ground floor, where the couple invest the greater part of their energy, with an open kitchen, a lounge room, an abutting lounge area, and the main room.


The focal point of the ground floor is a storeroom. Every one of the developments on the main floor rotate around this storage space. The front room has a six-meter high roof and huge windows that post over the patio and pine backwoods that encompasses the house. The outcome is an extremely wonderful, delicate light and a roomy, vaporous looking room. Around evening time five apparently weightless hanging lights (composed by David Trubridge) give just as smooth light.


The front entryways (Lualdi) lead into a little corridor, from which one can either stroll into the kitchen, or into the lounge.


The centerpiece in the family room is a three-sided chimney. According to the customers’ wishes, it is a genuine eyecatcher and looks incredible from the family room, the lounge area and the lobby. In that capacity, it associates these spaces in an exceptionally exquisite manner. The chimney and stack are secured with dull common schist tiles. Since this development is more than two stories high, it not just interfaces the rooms it faces on the ground floor, additionally the ground and the principal floor. The Natuzzi love seat, seats and other furniture decorate the structure on the ground floor.


The open kitchen (around 21m² [226 ft²]) has all the kitchen machines one would anticipate. The tabletop capacities both as a working space and a bartop. It is totally secured with dim wood finish and was uniquely designed.


The lounge area associates with the family room and the kitchen. With regular light originating from various sides and the glass, round lights (ClassiCon) dangling from the roof, the eating range (table and seats by Calligaris) is situated in an agreeable zone.


A two-level staircase made of steel and wood prompts the second floor. The second floor has a balustrade that watches out over the family room on the ground floor. One can take a book from the bookshelf and take a seat in one of the agreeable seats.


The main room has a twofold size informal lodging chimney. Its wooden and dark subtle elements go well the warm wooden floor boarding and whatever remains of the inside.


The fundamental washroom in the house has both a shower and in addition a bathtub. The washbasins (Marmorin Balia) were picked particularly for their phenomenal profundity, so it would fit in one and the same development together with the bathtub. The grayish floor tiles (Del Conca) structure the impartial base for the restroom. The space is brightened with dull nut wooden and stone subtle elements.


On this floor one can likewise discover a preparation room with workout hardware, a visitor twofold room and a visitor washroom. The room highlights a divider that is secured with a wooden mosaic.


In general, each room has its own personality, however they all ad lib to the same normal subject of an unbiased grayish foundation, frequently made of stone and marble with subtle elements such as schist, wood, fleece, and calfskin, which entwines the house into one open to living space.

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