Prismatic Blue Apartment in Rome, Italy by Brain Factory – Architecture & Design

Prismatic Blue Apartment in Rome, Italy by Brain Factory – Architecture & Design

Architects: Brain Factory – Architecture & Design
Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 970 ft²/ 90 m²
Photo courtesy: Marco Marotto

In planning this (90 sq m) 970 sq ft flat situated in Rome, the proprietors’ needs were conclusive and favored the advancement of an open arrangement set apart by held and close spaces, and in addition the utilization solicitation of a profound shading, for example, blue.


The open space in this manner got is alert and spins around an iridescent glass crystal that contains inside of it the closet, characterizing, cutting and lighting the encompassing space. The living territory and the feasting zone are in part isolated by a focal square intended to be a prepared divider on one side and a sideboard on the other one: the identity is given by the


internal appearances of the square, highlighted in blue, while tiles of arabesque geometries draw the spaces between the racks, giving a decò energy.


In the main room, billows of light paper drift on the bed while a coating at full stature, that look on the lavatory shower, predicts in the delight in the space, recreations of tangible investigation.


The bathrooms give equalization, with their formal straightforwardness, to the solid tones of whatever is left of the loft: the immaculate white dividers are exchanged with boards of stoneware in wood impact that warms and decorate essential subtle elements.

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