Mountains and Opening House by EASTERN Design Office

Mountains and Opening House by EASTERN Design Office

Architects: EASTERN Design Office
Location: Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan
Year: 2009
Area: 3,895 sqft
Photo courtesy: Koichi Torimura

The site is in Takarazuka-city of Hyogo Prefecture. It is situated in a selective private area that orders a whole perspective of the Osaka Plain. The construction modeling is based on the slant of a slope with a rise of 330 meters. The level distinction of the site is 8 meters. Exploiting the slant, one of the qualities of this site, a building design which suits the cravings of two persons is constructed.


The site has a 8 meter contrast in stature. 8 meters is higher than a two-story building. The lower floor is in the ground of the inclined site. It is undetectable from the upper street. There is a bedrock layer 1.5 meters underneath the ground surface. It is hard to the point that even a scoop auto couldn’t pound it. Burrow to the bedrock and the establishment is upheld by this bedrock. Manufacture two hills utilizing the dirt burrowed. Embed a habitation between these two hills. Based on “another geography mountain”, all parts of the building are near the earth. The mountains are intended to underscore the slant.


A selective local location on a slope components a decent ordering perspective as its business point. Improvement of this sort of group is arranged similarly with no singularity. We consider this marvel as “lost geology”. We have longed for a mountain whose slant was scratched away. The lost mountain is planned into this architecture.Architecture is not based on a site where the slant is smoothed. By opposite the edge of the incline is expanded, which brings about two hills. Between these two hills a living space is assembled, and the upper story skimming on these two hills is a configuration room.


Watch the Gulf of Osaka, tall structures, Kobe port, Kansai Airport, Itami Airport, and shadowy blue mountains. The area initially inclined at an edge of 18 degrees. Hills are fabricated there to let the incline undulate. These mountain waves are geology where no past geography existed. The upper floor was intended to glide on these mountain waves. We have composed the structure which ignores the waves. Is it a fantasy of a long-separation boat going over high waves or is it a monster? The fantasy of this construction modeling is similar to a voyage setting out.


A 18 meter-long porch. The ocean and a scope of mountains 60 kilometers away can be watched. At the point when remaining on this porch, lines of different houses around there are beyond anyone’s ability to see. This is the way we have organized this construction modeling and its openings. You can get a feeling that your body is somewhat drifting. It is our expectation to give the feeling of being on a deck of boats, yet not in the house.


The configuration room on the upper floor of this construction modeling is a boat. The arrangement is planned fit as a fiddle. The edge projecting significantly from the slant is an opening that swallows the outside. Straight overhang keep running in the midst of the curvilinear types of the geography. The overhang venture in a capable way not to be beaten by the characteristic power of the geography. They are slim, thick, short, long and cut.


To be secured by the house, yet in the meantime have the sentiment taking off. Making two extremes into one. This is acknowledged in the construction modeling in the relating types of the upper and lower floors. The (outside) mountain is shaped into a hill by heaping up soil exhumed from the slant. The surface of the hill is a kind of crude material produced using squashed marble called “Kansui”. Sparkling pieces of pulverized marble on a whity surface sparkle splendidly. There are two white mountains. The living quarters are inside the white mountain while on the white precipitous wave is a deck. One of the two white mountains capacities as a basic backing for this building, while the other mountain covers the restroom. These two mountains are additionally set into the living spaces of the private quarters.


The system of the upper floor is steel and the lower floor is fortified cement. The upper floor brings out a feeling of being on the deck of a pontoon and so as to accomplish this inclination compositional sections and dividers are planned as to make one unconscious of their presence. Going into the house from the northern street, a 14meter wide opening and the 16.5 meter x3 meter patio outside make the inclination that your own particular body is skimming in the landscape. The lower floor completely uses the slant of the mountain. The shrouded zones get to be mountains?while the ranges that is required light ended up valleys. These moving undulations are all piece of the outline.


The upper and lower floors are utilized as a part of distinctive ways. The upper floor is a configuration room. The lower floor houses private quarters. That arrives are open spaces inside of the private quarters. The interest of how the spaces ought to be is distinctive; in this manner, the structure is additionally diverse. Taking parity to bring together the upper and lower divides, the bends of the mountain are made consistent with the bends of the openings. There are two meager iron plate overhang on the openings: one with the length of 14 meters on the upper floor and the other with 16.5 meters on the lower floor. The thickness of the iron plate is just 9mm. The straight line of these two roof accentuates the far reaching spreading even width of this house. Thus, this makes you overlook that the house is on a slanted site.


The general whiteness is not only a general white layer of paint. It is white blended with blue. This is on the grounds that we need white that relates with the blue sky. Moreover, we expect this white to mirror the light of parts of marble scattered in the crude material which covers on the surface of two recently assembled mountains.

Mountains-and-Opening-House-08 Mountains-and-Opening-House-09-1 Mountains-and-Opening-House-09 Mountains-and-Opening-House-11 Mountains-and-Opening-House-12 Mountains-and-Opening-House-13 Mountains-and-Opening-House-14 Mountains-and-Opening-House-21 Mountains-and-Opening-House-22 Mountains-and-Opening-House-23 Mountains-and-Opening-House-24 Mountains-and-Opening-House-25

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