Casa de La Flora Resort by VaSLab Architecture

Casa de La Flora Resort by VaSLab Architecture

Architects: VaSLab Architecture
Location: Khao Lak, Phuket, Thailand
Year: 2011
Area: 4,800 sqm
Price: $500 to $1,800 per night
Photo courtesy: Casa de La Flora

Casa de La Flora, the 36 solid shape formed manors situated in Khao Lak, conveys a present day edge to this palm tree shoreline of Phangnga territory. Composed by VaSLab Architecture, charged in 2008 by one of driving Thai agents Sompong Dowpiset, this beachfront resort was planned to serve as another prominent yet humble destination inn in this lovely town of the southern Thailand.


The brief given to the planner is an one of a kind resort that comprise of a progression of pool manors with most extreme sea sees conceivable. Offices, for example, gathering parlor, swimming pool, pool bar, beachfront eatery, spa, wellness, and library are the must-have programs in this inn. The proprietor tested the planner to make a striking look of construction modeling however yet respects the warmness and nature of its suggested name, ‘verdure’.


VaSLab’s figurative outline tackles the demonstration of ’emerging vegetation’, where every solid versus wood estate reflects as a verdure structure, rises up out of the ground, and sprouts to achieve the light. Digressed dividers and tilted rooftops are described all through the arrangement of 36 cubic-structure manors, where these decreased components don’t just review the demonstration of emerging greenery however they broaden the rooms’ viewpoint outlines when searching externally to the ocean.


The congruity of these lines can be seen likewise in inside space and at inside components, for example, manufactured in beds, foot stools, and inherent cupboards. Hand crafted furniture outlined by Anon Pairot Design Studio conveys this topical configuration as some of them speak to natural type of a greenery. The same as scene and hardscape work from a capable originator T.R.O.P., who amplifies the lines of construction modeling into an arrangement of beguiling way ways, asphalt pieces, green dividers, and so on.


These addictions go about as the construction modeling’s root, stem, and branches. APLD, the lighting originator, dynamically sets the resort’s lighting to incite the primary structural components; digressed dividers, tilted rooftops, as though the manor solid shapes are emerging over the ground.


Its glass-fronted manors have clean insides highlighting solid surfaces, normal stonewalls, and wooden floors/roofs. Ten units stand straightforwardly to the shoreline, with greatest ocean perspectives, and all accompany private pools, 24-hour head servant administration and the most recent in-room excitement. Eco-accommodating accreditations come as an ozone (low-concoction) decontamination framework for the swimming pools and waste-water and rain water reusing.

Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-06-1 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-06 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-07 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-08-1 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-08 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-10-1 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-10 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-11 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-12 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-16 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-17 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-18 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-22-4 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-22 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-23 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-26 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-31 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-32 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-33 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-34 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-35 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-36 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-37 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-38 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-39 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-40 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-41 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-42 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-51 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-52 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-53 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-54 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-55 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-56 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-57 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-58 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-59 Casa-de-la-Flora-Resort-60

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