The Glass House by AR Design Studio

The Glass House by AR Design Studio

Architects:AR Design Studio
Location: Winchester, United Kingdom
Year: 2012
Photos: Martin Gardner

It is not consistently that a body is discovered covered on your building site, yet on a late spring’s morning in 2012 this is precisely what happened while manufacturers were establishing frameworks for RIBA grant winning modelers AR Design Studio’s most recent venture. By 6pm they had discovered another 2.


After the starting shock, the Police and later a group of Archeologists were gotten who fortunately distinguished the remaining parts as being of Roman beginning. After a time of serious removal, it was affirmed as a site of Archeological significance when additional proof of Roman internments and cautious strongholds were revealed, including the revelation of an uncommon Roman entombment urn.


When the site was cleared of curios and the bodies taken to the neighborhood gallery for exploration, take a shot at the building could proceed. These antiquated discoveries further added to the officially rich verifiable connection of the property arranged in the town of Winchester, the old Roman capital of England.


The task was to change over the first workers’ quarters of the substantial Manor House that disregarded the encompassing prairies. It was constructed by the Earl of Airlie in 1856 while he served as Camp Commandant at the adjacent Peninsular Barracks army installation and split into two all the more unassumingly measured residences in the 1950s.


From that point forward, the hirelings’ quarters had fallen into a condition of decay after the tragic going of a sole elderly proprietor. It stayed empty for various years, until the long-term tenants of the Manor House tried to resign and move into the more reasonable hirelings’ quarters and transform it into their fantasy home.


The proprietor’s adoration for glass fuelled their brief to develop a flawlessly basic sculptural glass staircase and a contemporary glass augmentation, arranged at the property’s back in the space made by the “C” state of the building, which would open itself up to the greenery enclosure.


The couple drew nearer AR Design Studio Chartered Architects on account of their involvement in managing glass structural planning and their enthusiasm for how this material can be utilized to make consistent connections in the middle of inside and outside space, between the man-made and nature.


Avoided view behind the structures customary façade, the completed augmentation is a rich bit of advanced contemporary glass building design. It totally rethinks the vibe and air of the already dull and cramped hirelings’ quarters; all inside of the rich and impactful recorded connection of the site. The idea was to give a perfect and light structural mediation nearby the customary shell of the building which would emphatically influence the vibe and usefulness of the property.

The Glass House by AR Design Studio

The spaces are intended to emphasize a play in the middle of light and dim; differentiating from the splendid and open collective spaces to the more unobtrusive and confined, very nearly give in like retreat spaces in the old house. The current format was illuminated; vertical voids were sliced through the house to unite the basement, ground and first floors and divert the house’s stream to actually draw the client towards the new glass space at the home’s heart.


This amazingly light and roomy frameless glass expansion houses the open-arrangement kitchen, living and eating ranges. As the fragile structure achieves over to frame the dividers and top of the augmentation, it makes an adaptable inside/outside space permitting daylight to surge through the home and channel down bit by bit, making excellent shards of light and shadow.


As a difference to the augmentation, the formal parlor, study and lounge area have a more protected and grasping nature. Upstairs, the Glass House has 4 huge twofold rooms, each with an en-suite lavatory.


The expert suite has its own stroll in closet and perspectives neglecting the greenhouse and the highest point of the glass expansion beneath. Every one of the essentials have been represented, as utility and pantries, study and WC that flank the glass box.


The key arrangement of the huge rooftop light surges the passage lobby with daylight that tracks through the twofold tallness space with the season of day and the seasons. Timber fired tiling was utilized as an imaginative distinct option for conventional timber flooring in light of the fact that it doesn’t stain in the climate and is an impeccable surface to compliment the underfloor warming all through.


This took into consideration a consistent floor get done with running from within to the outside onto the cantilevered yard.


Whatever is left of the house is done to an insignificant and clean appearance to permit the practical glass structures to emerge as lovely bits of sculptural craftsmanship in their own particular right.


Whilst as yet holding an unobtrusive road appearance, the completed property now renamed Clarkes, is totally changed from its past melancholy and weather beaten nature.


The cutting edge redesign and augmentation makes a light, vaporous and open living environment overflowing with conventional qualities, contemporary style and inventive configuration.

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