Apartment in Kiev by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub

Apartment in Kiev by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub

Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 1,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

The project was implemented by architect Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub. The 1,000 square feet apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment layout planning was limited by all windows facing one side of the building. The goal was to create a modern and functional apartment for the young family with children.


One of the main challenges was ensuring that enough natural light would make its way inside the apartment. Three rooms were therefore planned around the window wall: the main living room, the children’s room and the office space.


The latter was connected to the kitchen through floor to ceiling glass doors, an ingenious way permitting light to advance inside the house. In this particular case, the kitchen becomes the center of the crib, the place for all the family to get together. The sofa and dining table are nearby, each having a clever strategic position.

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