Avoid These Bedroom Decor Trends

Much like in fashion, home decor trends come and go. That goes for your bedroom, too. When it comes to the room where you lay your head down to sleep at night, what was once the look to have may no longer be in vogue.

Here are five bedroom trends that are so played out—and suggestions for what you should do instead to bring the most intimate room in your home up-to-date.

All-white everything

While there’s been a definite appeal to the simplicity and “clean” look of an all-white bedroom in recent years, people are now moving toward embracing color.

“There’s a ‘more is more’ design sensibility emerging,” says Robin Kencel of Compass. “Layered patterns, textures and colors are being seen, and I believe they will make their way to the bedroom.”

So lose the white in your bedroom and embrace the color.

Cutesy sayings everywhere

Rosé all day? Throw pillows with references to “snoozing,” “Z’s” or any other quirky term for sleeping? You may see these in your friends’ bedrooms, in magazines, and in real estate listings, but according to Louis Adler of REAL New York, word art is a no-no.

Industrial finishes

Cement, exposed brick and ceramic tile were all once seen as chic materials in the bedroom. However, people are now choosing comfort over these surfaces that can often seem too sterile for the bedroom.

“Walking on cold, hard surfaces in the bedroom is not warm and fuzzy,” explains Gerard Splendore of Warburg Realty. “Flooring featuring warm wood, carpet, and area rugs is timeless and will be seen more.”

Beds in a bag

If you’re a fan of the super-convenient “bed in a bag,” in which you can nab coordinating sheets, pillowcases and a comforter in one easy package, Splendore has some bad news for you.

While no one can deny the ease of this one-stop-shopping concept, he says it’s being replaced with more contrast, more style and perhaps most importantly, more individuality.

Too much technology

Once upon a time, a big flat screen TV mounted on your bedroom wall may have been considered the height of luxury. These days, people are looking to unplug and seek to make their bedroom their “sanctuary.” According to Splendore, that means scaling back on the devices.

Are you going to avoid these outdated trends in your house?

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