Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Victorian-Style Makeover

Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Victorian-Style Makeover


Recently, the Victorian style is seeing an increase in desire. Its uniqueness and character are much more interesting than modern houses. However, not all of us are lucky to have a period home. To achieve the look, we need to make some modifications. Below we are going to discuss some easy ways to give your home a Victorian-style makeover.

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1. Embrace the dark

Most traditional Victorian homes consisted of a dark color palette. So, if all of your furniture, décor, and walls are white and bright, you might need to make some changes. Rich colors such as plum, forest green, burgundy, navy, mustard, and brown are the perfect places to get started.

If you’re worried about the area being too “stuffy,” start off with a bold accent wall or piece of statement furniture. This way, you can ease yourself into the concept while still keeping a modern feel.


2. Update your doors

Another great cohesive element to add to your home when giving it a makeover is to install victorian style doors. This will completely change the atmosphere of the space, and there are actually quite a few different designs to choose from. When picking what works for you, remember to stay true to the overall style of your home. You don’t want them to feel out of place.

Below we are going to discuss some easy ways to give your home a Victorian-style makeover.

3. Jazz up your fireplace

Unlike minimalist fireplaces, those in Victorian style homes are made to be the center of attention. If you are lucky enough to have an existing one, consider restoring it the best you can with paint and polish. You might even be able to find some tiles to make it stand out even further. Trust us when we say it will be your new favorite spot in the house, especially during the wintertime.


4. Create plenty of storage

Every house needs storage, and in most period homes, gorgeous wooden cabinetry was highly desired. Bookshelves are perfect, but a buffet or other heavy ornate furniture can work well too. Not only will it help keep everything organized, but it will add to that true Victorian feel. Don’t forget to add some final touches of décor too. Bright lamps with faux crystals, large mirrors, and porcelain figurines will pull everything together.


5. Layer patterns and textures

Another main aspect of Victorian homes was their ability to mix and match different patterns and textures. Rugs, cushions, curtains, and throws can create the ultimate cozy space while contributing to your chosen color palette. Just be careful and try not to overwhelm each area. Too many clashing prints can make the room appear cluttered and disorganized.


6. Display your favorite pieces of art

Finally, the last tip to follow is to make sure that you display all of your favorite pieces of art around the home. There are so many gorgeous paintings out there that can make a great addition, and heavy frames can add the perfect finishing touch. While there are many stores online that offer unique prints, the best place to get started is your local thrift shop.

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