Compact one story Aireys Inlet Light House by ARKit

Compact one story Aireys Inlet Light House by ARKit

Architects: ARKit
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Alessandro Cerutti

“A stunning site along Eagle Rock Parade in Aireys Inlet, we have designed and built a compact three bedroom home for a family of 5. The emphasis for the design focused on expanded and contracted social spaces, one where the parents could entertain separate from the children when other families stayed with them.


Whilst maintaining a high level of transparency within and through the architecture, the other design principles of strong environmental design and construction, outdoor living and an abundance of natural light the result is a building that sits lightly on the ground.


Designed around a compact footprint, a linear kitchen allows for the inclusion of a large size dining table to accommodate an extended group of family and friends. Decks to the north and south provide for covered indoor/ outdoor connections and effectively double the living area of the house.


An outdoor shower and secondary entrance provide an opportunity to wash off from the beach before heading inside. A bunk room complete with custom designed trundle beds creates accommodation for six and the adjacent spill out space gives kids a room of their own to camp, play and explore.


Crafted from a suite of robust, environmentally friendly materials the house is externally clad in western red cedar with plywood kitchen, timber flooring, low/no VOC finishes and blackbutt decks and pergola. Siting considerations included minimising impacts to the existing vegetation and maximising privacy. ARKit’s scope included revegetation of the site with indigenous plant species.


The project was built offsite in ARKit’s workshop, allowing for frequent visits by the owners prior to transportation to site.”

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