Modern New Water Villa by Waterstudio NL

Modern New Water Villa by Waterstudio NL

Architects: Waterstudio NL
Location: Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Waterstudio NL

From the first snippet of seeing the arranged area for this estate Architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio set out to outline an unobtrusive manor that would take into account the ideal experience of its environment.


So as to keep up the rustic character of the area, the task accompanied strict regulations constraining the volume permitted over the ground level. These restriction in the end demonstrated to offer ascent to a fairly advanced outline loaded with spatial arrangements.


With the volume constrained, Waterstudio chose to make a story under ground level, giving additional surface inside of the restricted measurements of the building-envelope. Answers for permitting sunlight in the lower floor ended up being the primary engineering highlights.


The volume was taken up as a white edge sketching out extensive surfaces of glass, making the entire manor rather straightforward. A few touches of wood add nuance and warmth to the plan. The white edge twisting along the exterior deters both closures of the house. In the center the edge ascends to check the passage.


The idea of straightforwardness was kept up all through the house by making an open design where, no entryways are utilized. Normal eye catchers in the inside are the kitchen arranged in the focal point of the house.


Close to the outside of the Villa, Koen Olthuis outlined the inside and the patio nursery what brings the aggregate configuration of the plot in concordance. In the green inclining plant the water of the New water is actually brought into the plot.

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