House N near the old roman city of Caesarea by Israel Nottes Architects

House N near the old roman city of Caesarea by Israel Nottes Architects

Architects: Israel Nottes Architects
Location: Caesarea, Israel
Year: 2014
Area: 3,767sqft / 350 sqm
Photo courtesy: Omri Amsalem

In the region of the old roman city of Caesarea in Israel, The plot of the house is situated close by Israel’s greatest green and minutes stroll from the ocean side and the remnants of the old roman city. The outline of the house was revolved around 2 primary focuses, the first being the pool as the fundamental point of convergence. This idea prompted a L shape arrange for that allows an outline of a major open space on the ground floor facilitating the fundamental elements of the house yet with an unmistakable chain of command and a reasonable view and access to the pool.


The second point was expansion of the light and wind introduction. By situating the house confronting the south-west side we could appreciate extend periods of time of direct regular daylight and in addition normal ventilation of wind shape the ocean. The huge windows along the south side permit beam of light to go into the house and actually warm it in the winter, though amid the mid year when it is extremely hot, the solid pergola obstructs the sun from going into the house and over warming it.


The shading plan for the house was propelled and got from the Spur-winged lapwing fledgling, one of Israel’s most regular and rich flying creatures. the Brown, dim, highly contrasting bed was utilized as a part of each room of the house with various proportion and mix. Every shading appointed with a particular material: wood, solid, metal and stucco.


Encased between two sides of the house and in clear view, a pool was composed comprised of two sections that blur into one another, one is a profound range intended for swimming and the second is a long shallow augmentation of the pool swings to a waterfall as a feature of the house’s outside wall. Situated in the focal point of it are two solid cast pots for water plants to develop and give shade and comfort from the sun.


A solid staircase with a lightning segment shape Divides the kitchen and the feasting range, secured with common oak wood with glass and dark metal edge hand rails it interfaces every one of the three stories . The eating territory has an entrance to a private patio nursery cleared with long solid tiles and a perspective of close-by park and a Koi-fish common lake.

House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-05 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-06 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-07 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-08 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-09 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-10 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-11 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-12 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-13 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-14 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-15 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-16 House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-17Basement planHouse-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-18

Ground floor plan
House-N-near-the-old-roman-city-of-Caesarea-by-Israel-Nottes-Architects-19First floor plan

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