Victoria Park Residence by ipli architects

Victoria Park Residence by ipli architects

Architects: ipli architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Desmond Han, Goh Kim Hui

The venture is started by method for tending to an ordinarily disapproved of highlight in Feng Shui : the triangular area plot.


With a contemporary gesture to conventional indigenous town house (kampong house), a solid mass lifted off the ground is built up to reproduce a harmony between the house to its encompassing scene.


This additionally permits security to be set up on the upper levels whilst amplifying perspectives to its environment.

Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-03 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-04 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-05 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-06 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-07 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-08 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-09 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-10 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-11 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-12 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-13 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-14 Victoria-Park-Residence-by-ipli-architects-15

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