Tahoe Luxury Chalet in Courchevel 1850

Tahoe Luxury Chalet in Courchevel 1850

Location: Courchevel 1850, France
Year: 2014
Area: 10,764 sqft / 1,000 sqm
Price: from 45,000€ / week
Photo courtesy: Chalet Tahoe

This prestigious chalet, completely redesigned for the winter 2014, is the ideal case of a blend of contemporary craftsmanship and truly customary structural planning. The Tahoe Chalet is near the focal point of the resort and the runs, its surface spreads more than 5 levels. A group of experts will be available to you up and down your remain. The Tahoe Chalet offers an expansive scope of unwinding executes, for example, a Spa, with a pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish showers, a back rub and a wellness room.


The Tahoe Chalet is outfitted with the most recent innovations, for example, an IPAD control framework in the silver screen room. Numerous resting corners are to be found for your prosperity in the immense family room with its focal chimney. To wrap things up, a private auto park with an auto lift and an escort are available to you.

Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-02 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-03 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-04 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-05 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-06 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-07 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-08 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-09 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-10 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-11 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-12 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-13 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-14 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-15 Tahoe-Luxury-Chalet-in-Courchevel-1850-16

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