Tropical design approach of modern B+M residence by DP+HS Architects

Tropical design approach of modern B+M residence by DP+HS Architects

Architects: DP+HS Architects
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Mario Wibowo & DP+HS Architects

This private venture is the result of tropical configuration approach in present day private that is possessed by a self observer proprietor. Wear Pieto and Henny Suwardi of DP+HS Architects emphazise layering and protecting idea at the veneer of the building. The creating so as to layer is finished an optional skin in type of steel louver which serves to decrease the immediate light entering the building, and in addition a security component which is impeding the perspective and access of individuals from the road to the building. Another creating so as to layer is finished a twofold divider, and the utilization of characteristic stone material serves to hold the warmth wave consumed by the divider.


Wide roof are made to decrease the measure of direct light that enters the building, and in addition making a space for patio and overhang that can be utilized as a social affair territory. A major pool is manufactured at the back of the house with a high void which straightforwardly appends the parlor; this territory serves to bring down the room temperature.


Mezzanine idea is exhibited in the family room to consolidate the spatial relationship and exercises between the floors. The high roof plans to make the room temperature cooler. The materials that are utilized on the outside of this building are likewise utilized as a part of the inside of the building, especially the utilization of common stone.

Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-03 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-04 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-05 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-06 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-07 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-08 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-09 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-10 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-11 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-12 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-13 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-14 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-15 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-16 Tropical-design-approach-of-modern-B+M-residence-by-DP+HS-Architects-17

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