Teochon House by IROJE Architects & Planners

Teochon House by IROJE Architects & Planners

Architects: IROJE Architects & Planners
Location: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Year: 2010
Area: 2,067 sqft / 192 sqm
Photo courtesy: Jong Oh Kim

On this humble between patio site of under 1400sqft, the draftsmen have figured out how to cause a buzz of shocking openness and boundless space inside of a lavish green environment, while still serenely pleasing all the vital elements of a home. Arranged inside of the thin lanes and thickly stuffed lines of patio places of Opera Estate, it is hard to envision that such a transparent ventilated house could be achievable. Be that as it may, through sharp plan and the drenching of common greenery all through both the inward and outer spaces of the house, the inclination inside of the house is one of being included by a limitless greenhouse, with a tender, consistent breeze.

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To accomplish this feeling of roominess, the engineers have tucked all the fundamental administration territories of the home away into a section cellar, leaving the ground floor as an unfathomable open space with a focal yard. In this triple volume patio grows a verdant ficus tree inside of a gurgling water highlight, showered in delicate daylight from the bay window above. The focal point of the home, which is in numerous between porch houses a dull and uncomfortable space, is here changed into a rich inside patio nursery.

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The front and the back exteriors of the first story living spaces have been opened up to the greatest, utilizing straightforward roller screens that can be covered up in the roof, permitting the overarching winds to course through the house. Encompassing this principle living territory are two outside greenhouses at the front and back of the house. The front greenery enclosure is a curious relax space planted on the auto patio rooftop, making an arousing green scenery for lounge room. The back of the house has a little swimming pool straightforwardly outside the eating range that is settled alongside a textural limit divider inserted with plants and ventilation squares.

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These patio nurseries and yard spaces of the home permit the inhabitants to feel the development of the regular light over the house for the duration of the day, while shading them from its unforgiving effect. A few levels of tieredThis house is the place of teacher Jindo Park, who is an Economics educator with dynamic air. Since his wife is additionally an aesthetic sciences educator, it can be said to be an agent researcher gang. He asked for the configuration of this house to live with his child who is majoring in jazz piano, beside the house in Teochon, where his mom is living.

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Since they are the couple in institute, they will need own free spaces for each, and a space for jazz piano stable is essential, so this room should likewise be autonomous. All things considered, the way they live must be the conclusive lead to make the configuration out of this house. That is, the structure gathering so as to make the house a few autonomous ranges, in this manner one every day daily paper secured this house, and presented this house as the first article with the title of “very much isolated house” in the uncommon arrangement of “houses that alter your opinion”. Likewise, the lawful limitations on the houses around there as homestead houses just permitted principle building with 100m2 and backup building with 66m2, so need to manufacture two house was additionally the essential condition for “all around isolated house”.

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Nonetheless, more important reason was that our customary thought of a house that we had for quite a while made such house. Initially, our conventional houses were made by the social event of the rooms. From the house with one space to the house with 99 rooms were the names of such houses.

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The rooms were called, not as front room, room, study, or washroom, with their reasons as in the western world, however called as internal room, the other side room, and room at the entryway, so our homes were the get-together of the rooms without particular purposes. This not just makes all rooms to be free of different rooms, additionally demonstrated the new watchword of contemporary structural engineering with their genuine lives, since they were the vague unfilled rooms that could be bed room if sleeping cushion is put, lounge area if eating table is set, study room if work area is introduced, and a cards playing room if cover is layered.

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Obviously, the rooms with such configuration are straightforwardly joined with the nature with the expectation of complimentary ventilation and lighting, so they are to a great degree solid. For the individuals who are usual to the living in fake environment utilizing cutting edge offices as a part of a shut space nowadays, this house must be a badly designed house. In any case, such house is appropriate in Teochon, which has lovely landscape, and it is additionally genuine that once you are usual to such burden, it gets to be irreversible bliss. ‘Badly arranged delight. Might it be the memory that we lost? So it is the place of memory despite the fact that it is recently assembled, and it will be our old future that we must recuperate in this divided period. opened spaces can be seen while looking through the focal patio – each planted with trees and creepers that lead the eye through the house, improving the perspectives of the different spaces and greenery, and into the blue skies past.

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