Irrigated Insights – How to Keep Your Lawn Lush Year Round

Irrigated Insights – How to Keep Your Lawn LushYear Round

Charlie looked out the window at the parched and bald patches of lawn in the backyard. The summer had been horrendous, drying out the earth and the patches of grass that adorned the acreage out back. The garden hose was clearly not helping keep moisture in the soil.

“It gets soaked in the winter and then is completely barren during the summer; it’d be nice for it to be green for a majority of the year.” His wife, Rosa, piped up. “You could just get fake turf.” “For that amount of yard?” Charlie said. “There’s no way I’m ripping it all up.”

For many of us, our lawns can seem like a burden more than a good part of the backyard. Mowing and other maintenance are regular and usually constant.

However, the main thing is keeping your lawn lush and well hydrated. So what should you consider when helping your lawn keep the green? Here’s my guide.

Invest in Irrigation:

Keeping your lawn well watered is the main way to keeping it green. A great way to do this is to put into the installation of irrigation controllers that can help keep your lawn hydrated from root stem to tip.

These can be items such as spray irrigation, such as automatic sprinkler systems to run the entire lawn, to drip irrigation, to get down to the roots and the rest of the flowerbeds. 

Each of these can also come with manual and automatic shut off systems, depending on when you want to water, or if you have set restrictions.

Majestic Mulch:

Mulch and organic matter aren’t just for your flower beds and boundaries. They can be an immense benefit to your lawn as well.

These benefits can include help with natural drainage as well as making the lawn less susceptible to heat damage and “bald spots.”

Food and Nutrients:

Just like us as living organisms, plants and indeed, grasses can’t thrive on water alone. While they can be strong, hardy and fast-growing, grass needs the appropriate food.

In accordance with “Regular feeding, not sporadic infrequent feeding is the key to success.”

Not only will this help it to grow, but by giving your lawn’s soil a good feed, it will become healthier, being able to resist disease, pest attacks and many common weeds.

Natural compost or garden waste = happy and healthy:

It can be so easy to pick up fertilisers from your local hardware store or nursery, but getting back to nature can often help you to reap a greater reward.

By using manure or even some of your old food waste on your garden, you can benefit in a number of ways.

According to Clean Air Gardening, “compost creates slow release plant nutrients and stimulates root growth.” Best of all, your recycling gives back to the very earth that grew it for you.

Aeration Revitalisation:

If it so happens that your lawn does get a bit lacklustre, particularly over the dry, hot summer months, aerating the grass can help to bring back the vitality to it.

According to tip #3 of Bunnings “How to Revive Your Lawn”; “Lawns can compact from regular use. Aerating the grass helps your soil to breathe, which improves nutrient absorption.”

This will also help your roots get more water to them, improving their vitality long term.


Now there is my handy guide for how to keep your lawn lovely in all seasons. Remember:

  • Irrigation is great, but sometimes a hearty drink is better than a frequent one.
  • Mulch helps drainage.
  • Feeding and airing will help absorption.

Happy Gardening!

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