Evans House by A4estudio

Evans House by A4estudio

Architects: A4estudio
Location: Tunuyán, Mendoza, Argentina
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: A4estudio

The vineyard scene with the Andes Mountains is inconspicuous, we should ascend over the vegetation line to get the perspectives of the valley and the Andes mountains.


Construction of an artifice

The task is a crystal that sits on a storm cellar. The normal scene of Uco`s Valley, confined by the Andes, gets culturalized with the vineyards plots. It is broad. It welcomes us to examine, to inhale … to stay …


Taking a shot at such connection is a test, yet an awesome obligation too. The task coming about because of this procedure ought to meet the soul of this characteristic foundation, be a piece of it …


The venture is planned with the rationale of the emptied trunk. From within, the space thinks the west and east perspectives. The outside covered in corroded metal dialogs with the social scene of vineyards … while within is covered in normal wood.


The cellar is worked with nearby stream stones, their hues dialog with the mineral and parched normal scene.


On top of the cellar, the house orchestrates the diurnal regions, putting the viewer in a predominant position, confining perspectives of the scene.

Evans-House-by-A4estudio-06The exploration concentrates on the connection between the undertaking and the scene where it sits. A procedure that goes from the overwhelming scene and the built component in contact with the normal soil, to get protect and see the predominant perspectives.

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