Y7-house by Masahiko Sato

Y7-house by Masahiko Sato

Architects: Masahiko Sato
Location: Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2014
Area: 958 ft²/ 89 m²
Photo courtesy: Toshihisa Ishii

The site is situated in the slope of the mountain which can take a broad perspective of Omura Bay in Nagasaki. Fundamental idea is to blend structures and encompassing regular habitat without annihilating unique characteristic scene.


All together not to obliterate inclining land, I made premise project from level landscape and outlined one piece of house gliding from ground and reaching out in air. Additionally I spread a planting net and performed planting of a yard. By thusly, I orchestrate the house and encompassing common habitat with gliding house in normal territory. To make the veneer a sharp 3D impression, I outlined distended a portion of external divider white shading and withdrew part dark shading.

Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-02I paid much exertion on concealing lighting gear and ventilation system to make a straightforward space. So the proprietor will have a decent scene of impressive Omura Bay with nature. Proprietor is in concordance with nature by living in the room and will carry on with a rich and agreeable life.

Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-03 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-04 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-05 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-06 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-07 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-08 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-09 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-10 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-11 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-12 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-13 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-14 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-15 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-16 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-17 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-18 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-19 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-20 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-21 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-22 Y7-house-by-Masahiko-Sato-23

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