Lone Madrone Forrest Retreat by Heliotrope Architects

Lone Madrone Forrest Retreat by Heliotrope Architects

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Location: Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 1.600 sqft / 149 sqm
Photo courtesy: Sean Airhart

Situated on a rough, wind-cleared south-bound shoreline; this 1,600sf retreat home settles into the scene keeping in mind the end goal to orchestrate with it’s surroundings and minimize presentation to climate.


Composed with retractable divider boards to shield from rebuffing winter storms, the house all things considered opens up totally to the outside when the climate is reasonable — permitting the proprietors to completely associate with the scene and view.


The site is inside of the San Juan Islands National Monument, with to a great degree delicate shorelines and marine environment.


Keeping in mind the end goal to minimize effects to normal frameworks, a patio nursery rooftop was utilized to supplant scene lost to development, and storm-water streams were designed to repeat the pre-development condition.


Neighborhood materials (essentially douglas fir and western red cedar) and nearby craftspeople were used in all parts of the task.

Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-05 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-06 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-07 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-08 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-09 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-10 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-11 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-12 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-13Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-14 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-15 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-16 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-17 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-18 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-19 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-20 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-21 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-22 Lone-Madrone-Forrest-Retreat-by-Heliotrope-Architects-23

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