Contemporary Casa Pina by Fabio Fantolino

Contemporary Casa Pina by Fabio Fantolino

Architects: Fabio Fantolino
Location: Liguria, Rocce di Pinamare, Italy
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Fabrizio Carraro

Casa Pina white and bright, as we all imagine an apartment on the sea. Resin, walls and white boiserie bring out the “frake”, a wood with many contrasts of light and dark, used for all furniture. Natural light ripples on the wave of artificial light, which softens and gives taste to the rigid lines and square volumes of the walls.


The table divides the kitchen from the dining room, both are bounded by a closed / open boiserie. The white is imperative and enhances the window overlooking the terrace, from which you can admire the garden and breathe the typical atmosphere of the sea.


And the eye runs through the bed of the master bedroom that shows a glimpse of the precious vessels of the bathroom on one side, and the panoramic terrace on the other, and, on request, the view is obscured by an electric curtain.

Casa-Pina-03 Casa-Pina-04 Casa-Pina-05 Casa-Pina-06 Casa-Pina-07 Casa-Pina-08 Casa-Pina-09 Casa-Pina-10-1 Casa-Pina-10 Casa-Pina-11-0 Casa-Pina-11 Casa-Pina-12 Casa-Pina-13 Casa-Pina-14 Casa-Pina-15 Casa-Pina-16 Casa-Pina-17 Casa-Pina-18 Casa-Pina-29 Casa-Pina-30 Casa-Pina-31

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