Noguera House by Riesco+Rivera arquitectos

Noguera House by Riesco+Rivera arquitectos

Architects: Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados
Location: Las Condes, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Year: 2011
Area: 1.507 ft²/ 140 m²
Photo courtesy: Aryeh Kornfeld

“The commission consisted of a simple program: a space for various public activities in the house: living, working, and eating, in addition to integrating an exhibition area for pre-Columbian artworks, with an independent kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.


The main difficulty was to achieve a quality space for the owner, who was used to living in large areas, and was building a detached house for a new period of life.


The site was an old plot with houses and existing park, subdivided among the children, leaving a remnant where the new house would be located, with access and parking for the entire site, disrupting as minimum as possible the trees and vegetation.


These conditions combined with the views and sunlight, define clear relations with the outside, which were conditioned and defined. The south and west facades should be closed, the former due to regulations and the latter due to the parking area.


To continue to maintain the visual relationship with the park, we opted for a second level connected through a ramp, which seeks to predict an uncertain future and allows easy access to the library wall.


The house is configures as 2 rectangles turned on the first and second floors. Looking for the best visual and sunlight orientations, these are connected through a double height and the ramp-library. This turn generates intermediate spaces, which on one side give privacy to the various uses, exposing the pre-Columbian figures, concentrating in one space the entire public space required. Outside, through these walls and turns, 5 courtyards of different qualities are built, creating openings and closings that condition the relationship with the outside and the existing landscape.”

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