Unconventional Ceiling Fan Styles to Add Visual Interest to Your Luxury Home

Unconventional Ceiling Fan Styles to Add Visual Interest to Your Luxury Home

When you are decorating an expensive property and hoping to attract a legion of upper-class buyers, you need every single finishing touch to astound and amaze. Too often, home designers opt to keep ceiling fans out of their final plans, believing the appliances to be boring and unattractive. However, ceiling fans serve an important purpose in the home, providing additional air circulation to make large interior spaces much more comfortable year-round. You shouldn’t skip ceiling fans in your luxury home designs. Instead, you might consider installing unconventional ceiling fans styles, which will work wonderfully with your other expensive décor.

Steps for Choosing Ceiling Fans for Your Property

Caged Ceiling Fans

Caged ceiling fans are surrounded in some way, most often by metal but sometimes by wood, wicker or a similar material. Because ceiling fans are mounted at least seven feet from the floor, there should be plenty of space for individuals to travel beneath them without risking coming into contact with spinning blades; thus, the cages around the fan serve no functional purpose but rather an entirely decorative one. Caged ceiling fans come in many different styles, from those that have multiple motors and read as industrial to those that have a much more glamorously modern look. If you are struggling to imagine a caged ceiling fan, consider these options from Hunter Fan.

Fans With Many Blades

The typical number of blades on the average ceiling fan is five — but that doesn’t mean that five is the only number of blades you can find. In fact, there ceiling fans made with as many as 10 blades and more. When ceiling fans have more than the usual number of blades, they are often called windmill ceiling fans because they so closely resemble the buildings you might see on an old-timey farm. Windmill ceiling fans tend to fit well in rooms designed with farmhouse, industrial or eclectic aesthetics. Then again, there are fans with more than the average number of blades that have a simpler and more modern look, and these will fit well in any minimalist or contemporary home.

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Fans With Fewer Blades

If you are concerned that too many blades on your ceiling fan will make your luxury home feel cluttered, you might opt for a more streamlined fixture. It is becoming increasingly easy to find ceiling fans with three, two or even one single blade, all of which can efficiently move air around a space to improve comfort. These ceiling fans tend to be remarkably modern in style, almost like functional works of art. You might opt for a fan with fewer blades if you put effort into ensuring your luxury home has architectural character to attract buyers who are interested in acquiring a property that looks and feels utterly unique.

Enormous Fans

Many luxury homes are designed with wide-open spaces perfect for entertaining large parties, like great rooms and indoor-outdoor zones. However, maintaining a comfortable temperature in these spaces can be difficult, especially during seasons with high highs and low lows. A large ceiling fan can ensure airflow through the entire space, keeping a homeowner and their guests cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some of the most highly regarded enormous fans which got its start creating ceiling fans for industrial and agricultural spaces. However, most fan brands have several offerings for oversized rooms, so if you prefer a different ceiling fan style, you should be able to find what you need in an extra-large size.

Steps for Choosing Ceiling Fans for Your Property

Colorful Fans

Many interior designers — professional and amateur — wish to hide their ceiling fans, believing them to be functional rather than aesthetic fixtures within a room. Unfortunately, this means that many ceiling fans available today are in neutral colors, like black, white, wood tones and metals, which tend to fade into the background without drawing attention or enhancing a room’s style. Fortunately, there are a few fan manufacturers that are not afraid of color. If you are designing a luxury maximalist home or you want to highlight certain fixtures within the space, you might opt for a ceiling fan in a more vibrant shade, like green, pink or perhaps rainbow.

Luxury buyers will pay attention to a home’s details; they are spending enough to warrant a close inspection of every fixture and facet of the property. That means you need to carefully consider everything in your house, to include the style of the ceiling fans.

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