The Modern HI-MACS House by Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects

The Modern HI-MACS House by Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects

Architects: Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects
Location: Upper Bavaria, Germany
Year: 2010
Area: 1,200 sqm
Photo courtesy: Dirk Wilhelmy

House – An Acrylic Stone – A Vision

A house where individuals can recoup from the hassles of ordinary life, arranged right amidst a beautiful regular background – this is the thing that the Dreer family longed for. What’s more, their wish was allowed – a 1,200 square meter property with an unhindered perspective of the green backwoods of Upper Bavaria, in the immediate region of the Ammersee.

The Modern HI-MACS House by Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects

Interesting Construction

Amidst pleasant nature in a standout amongst the most mainstream vacationer destinations in Bavaria, the Upper Bavarian local development style with its ordinary dim wooden windows and gabled rooftops overwhelms the compositional scene. This recently developed house remains in clear complexity to this: Borrowing from the Bauhaus style, the geometry here talks an unmistakable formal dialect. The decreased style of cutting edge development with a level rooftop, solid shape towers and clear essential structures speak to a longing for moderation and symmetry.


The structure, a plain rectangle in an immortal cutting edge style, is enlarged by two 3D shapes set on top of it. The shape like development seems advanced at first look and speaks to the new liberality and straightforward polish of huge essential design types without bounds. This house is stand-out for the Ammersee area – and, as far as the fate of worldwide building design, it is a further step towards an unmistakable formal dialect.


A flawless mix of structure, material and quality

Nearby the configuration situated building structure, huge center is set on the materials utilized as a part of this house. The environmental parity of their fantasy house was essential to the developer. The utilization of common, breathable materials was accordingly high on their rundown. A definitive choice of materials has permitted a high level of solid living in conjunction with an ideal vitality equalization to be figured it out. The outcomes: The house is made of wood – however not in the standard sense. The complete shell structure was produced using alleged cross covered timber. This PEFC-affirmed wood is produced using pine sheets stacked transversely on top of one another and stuck together. In examination to standard wood development items, cross covered timber offers augmented alternatives for burden dispersion.


Three semi-trucks conveyed the perfectly customized singular segments and the casing for the fantasy house was developed in just a couple of days. The environmental introduction kept on being unequivocally taken after: Natural outer fortified protection from Inthermo was introduced all through the whole 395 square meters. The finest clear white mineral mortar gives the last complete to the outside. The outcome: a manor which in spite of its cubic structure is flawlessly incorporated inside of the common habitat.


Persuading components

As far as materials and appearance, on the other hand, the highlight is the substance which is utilized liberally all through the whole building: HI-MACS®, an imaginative mineral material with uncommon qualities. The inside and outside were finished with this fantastic material piece-by-piece. It is found in almost everything about the house – from the parapet cladding to the patio to the selective inside. The purpose behind this: the manufacturer is the proprietor of a famous assembling organization for elite inside outline and a specialist in the utilization of cutting edge materials.


The cutting edge blend of 75% common minerals and shades and 25% acrylates has entranced the manufacturer since the time that it was experienced amid past development ventures. “Hello MACS® gives the chance of making almost any configuration in about any building – paying little heed to abnormal weathering conditions, high degrees of dampness or huge burdens. It surpasses the standard material breaking points”, affirmed the developer.


After the fruitful execution of an extensive variety of HI-MACS® ventures, Karl Dreer got to be persuaded that he ought to additionally utilize the imaginative properties and rich look of the material for his own particular private house. Along these lines he has made a totally one of a kind and radiantly executed property.


The configuration and information arranging was taken care of by the famous compositional firm Felix Bembé and Sebastian Dellinger, beginning with crucial examination, outline and usage arranging through to the association of every single important license. The nitty gritty craftsmanship and the configuration and execution getting ready for the furniture were the obligation of Dreer GmbH. The organization’s regularly sensitive work is discovered straightforwardly at the fundamental access to the house: the larger than usual passageway entryways is flanked by two window outlines which are furnished with 200cm wide and 10cm profound, settled lamellae.


These give both protection and also the first optical highlight produced using the mineral material HI-MACS®. The 4 x 1.50 meter tall, anthracite shaded platforms are additionally produced using this material. Because of its high UV-resistance and fabulous shading thickness, HI-MACS® is perfect for outside use.


Fine subtle elements

In the wake of going into the house through the electronically secured house entryway, one ends up in an engineering spatial involvement in which the inside definitively proceeds with the reasonable lines and filigreed points of interest. The huge room tallness of 2.80 meters and the long lines of sights and the expansive glass zones order consideration. The brilliant, light-overflowed environment in this manner accomplished welcomes visitors and permits the building design to show up naturally. The high dividers uncover another highlight: The divider boards produced using white painted MDF serve to isolated the space as well as to give access to extra rooms and capacity ranges. The colossal painted surfaces open at consistent interims like expansive swinging doors utilizing imperceptible handles and give perspectives of the utility room, divider storage rooms and a visitor lavatory.


The visitor restroom, taken cover behind a divider, components the following HI-MACS® application. The wash bowl in the visitor lavatory separates itself not just through useful artfulness, for example, a more profound hand towel rack or a spot for filthy hand towels, additionally can inspire with its non-permeable, totally level and consistent HI-MACS® surface. The opening for messy hand towels has no backings or creases and the sink runs askew to the wash bowl. This fine use of the mineral material in this manner offers the most ideal premise for sans germ territories and meeting the most elevated of hygienic requests.


The consistent association innovation is both optically and in fact great. The curiously large reflect permits the lavatory to seem bigger than it truly is and the roundabout lighting furnishes the room with an agreeable climate. In this house, the topic of light assumes a focal part in each room and serves considerably more than straightforward splendor. Driven light has been coordinated inside of each room, on account of suspended roofs which hang unreservedly in space without connection to the outside dividers. The lights have no edges and are introduced flush in the roofs. The light dimmers are taken cover behind shadow joints, similar to the imperceptible, constructed in roof speakers. The darkening elements of the individual lights gives extra air, custom-made to the musicality of the day, the state of mind or the event. Immaculate enlightenment is additionally accommodated the shading escalated work of art of the developer.


The different counterfeit light sources, be that as it may, are just utilized as a part of the night as the structural planning of house catches a lot of normal light. Broad glass surfaces on both floors implies that all rooms are light-overflowed and appreciate a characteristic splendor. The longing for a brilliant, transparent climate with broad glass surfaces, on the other hand, unmistakable difference a glaring difference to the yearning for the most elevated vitality proficiency. Keeping in mind the end goal to bring together these two perspectives, the manufacturer introduced triple protected glass (3x8mm) with 14mm of between time space all through the whole house. On account of this coating with coordinated sun insurance, the house accomplishes the most extreme conceivable warmth protection and negligible sound qualities regardless of broad window fronts. The definitive mix of vitality productive development materials permits the Dreer family’s home to be numbered amongst the low-vitality houses which devour under 40 watts for each square meter of space (KfW40).


Setting moldable accents

When one enters the liberal, brilliant and rectilinear house, be that as it may, all musings of environment rapidly vanish. The advanced inside encapsulates liberality and style down to the last detail. The kitchen is situated on one side with a variety of couches on the other. The lounge area table is the focal element of the first floor: with a length of 3.85 meters and a cutting edge, free-drifting structure, it is not just the connection between the parlor and eating zone, additionally a genuine unique.


On account of the thermoplastic formability of HI-MACS®, Karl Dreer was likewise ready to actualize his inventive thoughts here. The capacity to frame HI-MACS® was basic so as to have the capacity to actualize the planned table. Hello there MACS® can be twisted into for all intents and purposes any shape at 165 degrees Celsius – without losing the positive attributes of the surface. The gigantic, 250 kilogram lounge area table comprises of numerous HI-MACS® components which were shaped from 11 sheets. In doing as such, everything components needed to fit together superbly three dimensionally and be made on all levels so that the final result would show up as a vast, consistent entirety. To start with the Dreer group specialists finished the strong positive and negative molds. The custom HI-MACS® sheets were then warmed to 180° Celsius utilizing cutting edge warming plates and uncommon lacquer presses.


After roughly 25 minutes, the sheets were expelled from the veneering presses, adjusted for the positive form and set in the negative mold. In the wake of solidifying, the outcomes were absolutely what had showed up in the drawings. Taking after this, the edges were superbly processed and pre-sanded in the workshop. The casings for the sheets frame a metal development with counter strings so that the table can withstand different hassles.


3 metal square tubes serve as extra fortification. Because of this creation, the table itself is consummately adjusted along its colossal length. The individual components were connected to the metal edge, fitted together, followed and after that the whole table was sanded once more. What’s more, consequently a stand-out bit of furniture was made regulated which is additionally a show-stopper, both optically and additionally as far as its material and generation. This bit of furniture likewise mirrors the claim to fame of the Dreer organization – complex furniture development. The TONON seats, synonymous with Made in Italy, finish the picture of this lavish outline. The table suite is a genuine eye-catcher and a deliberate break with the unequivocal rectilinearity in the inside.


Geometry meets identity

In the kitchen, be that as it may, purism meets clarity. The most elevated quality guidelines and inventive components show up all through the moderate kitchen like a topic. It starts with the HI-MACS® front processed to the miter with servo drive (programmed drawer opening framework), the retractable fumes hood, the fashioner apparatuses in stainless steel and the incorporated HI-MACS® sink. The properties of the mineral material are additionally viably connected here. The consistent association system of HI-MACS® is basic for the optical appearance. The broad establishment of the ledge work surface shows up in general and makes the intrusion of ease basically unthinkable. Indeed, even in the occasion of consistent water infiltration or dampness, HI-MACS® guarantees a hygienic surface. Microscopic organisms and mold don’t have a possibility.


The whole ledge, including the incorporated sink, shows up as an immaculate unit – rich and consonant. The optical and haptic favorable circumstances of the cutting edge material are acknowledged to their fullest. It is the “delicate quality” of the material which is most helpful in the kitchen subsequent to, as opposed to shake hard marble, stone or tile, HI-MACS® gives some stun receptiveness and is all the more sympathetic of mischances. Harms created by fallen glass holders, containers or sharp blades are no more motivation to orchestrate repairs. As a shading difference to the white HI-MACS® surfaces, extra EV1 anodised aluminum was utilized for a percentage of the fronts and the back divider. Top notch kitchen machines round out the appearance. While cooking and preparing, the proprietors can likewise appreciate the free perspective of the skyline, on account of the coating: immaculate nature!


The center of the 3 x 4 meter kitchen corner is the 2.50 x 2.00 meter kitchen unit. The manufacturer tried to incorporate a kitchen unit agreeably inside of the eat-in kitchen like a stone monument. The cutting edge material HI-MACS® was likewise utilized here to understand this objective. Hello there MACS® should have been be uniquely coordinated as a broad unit inside of the kitchen unit – without terrible association focuses. Just the space for the stove and the retractable fumes hood were processed from the surface. This uncommon element permits the kitchen unit to be changed into an impeccable stone monument at the push of a catch – without an appalling suspended hood. This all around made highlight safeguards the unadulterated outline of the kitchen. The interchange of material, usefulness and the open spatial structural planning makes a consonant, agelessly current and agreeable environment.


An utility room, additionally covered up by divider boards, is found parallel to the kitchen. It incorporates a clothes washer, dryer and a lot of extra space. A table, work surfaces and capacity zones are all produced using the pattern material – hygienic and simple to watch over.


Private desert spring with style

On the right-hand side of the living range, the developer discovered space for comfortable fellowship. A German planner bit of furniture from PRO SEDA gives the establishment. A bizarre kymo mat casings the cream shaded couch range and gives a sentiment solace. The unmistakable white line is hindered by matte lime mortar on the focal divider. The cocoa shading subtleties from light to medium-chestnut constitute a light, consonant differentiation to the white living environment and emphasize the extensive living zone. Components produced using the cutting edge material HI-MACS® are additionally found here. The side tables beside the open cluster of couches are additionally produced using the mineral material, just like the 2.30 meter long and 0.68 meter wide chimney confronting. The lower segment of the extensive, open gas chimney is totally encased in HI-MACS®.

The upper area is an uncommon metal development which contains the chimney innovation and gives the outside edge to the pivotable 52 creep level screen TV. The whole piece, similar to the lower components, is additionally totally encased in HI-MACS®. The differentiation of the dark TV, the dark stones of the chimney and the white mineral material proceeds with the unmistakable outline and shading standards of the house.

The yearning of the manufacturer to use to an unequivocally lessened shading portfolio for the whole outside and inside likewise reaches out to the floors. As opposed to the present pattern of having white furniture on dim wood, the floor of the HI-MACS® house ought to likewise be overwhelmingly brilliant and clear – inside and in addition outside. The developer chose matte epoxy pitch flooring for the inside. The matte, cream shaded floor, gave a light grain, reaches out with truly no creases just as over the whole lower story.

Because of the new innovation of measured screed, no extension joints are obvious by any means, even crosswise over such a huge region. The substantial, splendid surface not just has a high solace component, it additionally scores focuses through its immortal appearance. With a specific end goal to accomplish a really agreeable floor, the whole house has underfloor warming. For the subject of warming, obviously, the point of supportability was at the cutting edge. The house is warmed by means of an air/warmth pump with managed ventilation and warmth recuperation.

The air outlets and plate valves, which are likewise coordinated in the suspended roofs and are in this way imperceptible, additionally give a sound atmosphere of solace. The temperature, lighting and shading are all controlled through a BUS framework – focal, yet person. The operation and representation of all points of interest happens by means of touch boards which are introduced in each room. What’s more, subsequently the HI-MACS® house on Ammersee exists without fossil energizes and sets gauges for natural security and effectiveness.

The house’s own particular vacuum cleaner framework is another sign of its top of the line innovation. The air is removed by means of a sound protected course framework by means of association focuses put all through the whole building, drove through the dust gathering compartment and the channel and afterward vented specifically to the outside air. This implies microorganisms and dust particles are completely expelled from the living territories.

Openness is the key

The choice with respect to the floor for the straightforwardly circumscribing porch turned out to be clear rapidly. Hello there MACS® ought to be utilized here. As there are numerous floor covering which are optically delightful yet are not ice evidence or climate safe and whose offered shading subtleties don’t ideally finish the inside deck, the choice to utilize HI-MACS® cold white was made rapidly. The wish of the manufacturer has ended up reality at first and additionally at second look: the floors run consummately into one another – from the brilliant epoxy gum flooring in the house to the HI-MACS® surface on the patio. Just an extensive window front isolates the two materials from one another. This itemized decision of materials makes the move from inside to outside liquid and when the Dreer family sits at their eating table, it is similar to they are sitting outside in nature – right in the 1,000 square meter greenery enclosure, encompassed by an innumerable number of trees.

At the point when the sliding entryways are opened, a white sparkling HI-MACS® floor is uncovered with a perspective of striking, square pool. The cutting edge material was additionally utilized for the cladding here. 18 meters long and 3 meters in width, the pool is a genuine swimming heaven. The proprietors can swim their laps here while getting a charge out of the encompassing nature in the meantime. Because of the uniform material utilized for the patio and the pool, the whole range seems like one expansive unit. The sparkling of the water is reflected by the floor of the patio – an extraordinary perspective.

Keeping in mind the end goal to fortify this observation, the upper edge of the pool is somewhat sloped. In the late spring, the pool is warmed by an ecologically benevolent sunlight based spread. In the winter, the building innovation warms the water to 5 degrees. The water level in the pool is likewise brought by 10cm down to counteract ice on the porch. Another highlight produced using the mineral material is the outside shower. An open, white pool shower has been coordinated to one side of the patio with a perspective of the pool. Not just down to earth, it is additionally a fine detail.

The point by point acknowledgment of the wishes of the manufacturer was just conceivable on account of his exhaustive learning of the mineral material. “The distinctions in quality from typical materials, for example, sheet metal or wood are immense. Sheet metal, for instance, can’t be worked with so unequivocally, nor can wood, making everything a great deal more hard to figure. On the other hand, on account of the précising preparing permitted by HI-MACS®, we could understand the same abnormal state of value for outside as we accomplished for the inside. Everything about the outside is composed precisely the same as the inside”, says Karl Dreer.

The stand-alone, 55 square meter autonomous loft of the mother offers a second access to the porch. The house is not just a natural, temperate and structural highlight, it is additionally a 2 era house. The vast measure of space permits a different yet natural conjunction inside of the gang.

Top quality from the floor up

Light traps in the stairway to the upper floor of the right solid shape give a huge measure of light. Strong oak floorboards give a comfortable feeling to the high white dividers, the huge glass surfaces and the white inside. The upper floor likewise enraptures with its covering spaces: Bedroom and shower – two associated rooms which are just isolated by an innovative room allotment component. Undetectable storage rooms and an electric sliding entryway for detachment of the rooms are additionally introduced flush here – worked at the push of a catch.

The storage room component opens to the restroom side and the 10cm profound cross covered timber divider component is upholstered with calfskin on the room side. An extensive changing area is incorporated straightforwardly after the last stair – likewise holed up behind painted divider boards. The vast restroom additionally separates itself with moderate shading and inside configuration. A 2.50 meter long wash bowl produced using HI-MACS® is introduced in the mass of the changing area.

As though produced using one piece yet functional is the way the configuration guideline goes. The rectilinearity and the exact edges underline the predominant moderation. The haptics of the material – a smooth, agreeable surface which is not as cool as stone but rather gives a wonderful essential warmth – was generally as imperative as the optics here. A curiously large reflect with roundabout lighting finishes the photo. A story flush shower is situated beside the wash bowl. The dividers and floor of the shower are made totally from the mineral material.

Because of its hygienic, simple to tend to properties, the material is perfect for clean applications. An unsupported bathtub on a platform made of HI-MACS® with a free perspective of the outside is situated on the opposite side of the wash bowl. Huge window fronts give a stunning scene view.

The definitive decision and arrangement of individual components clarifies the absence of furniture – quality is a great deal more imperative here than amount. The whole living region of more than 380 lavish square meters is stamped by stringent inside structural engineering consolidated with only a couple exceptional configuration components.

One 3D square – one outline

The wellness and wellbeing territory and the family office are situated on the upper floor of the left solid shape. A shower, wash bowl, racks and little seating choices produced using HI-MACS® are additionally included here. The neighboring sauna has additionally been made totally out of HI-MACS® – just the seats are produced using aspen wood. Indistinguishable in development to the upper floor of the right 3D square, a withdrawn, abbreviated divider unit isolates the health territory from the workplace – a level screen TV is situated on one side and a photo board is situated on the workplace side. Broad glass surfaces, a white inside and oak floors round out the room’s appearance. Divider warming in the shower and floor warming in every room keep on being standard here.

The gallery range situated between both 3D shapes is loaded with dark stones and in this manner is additionally in similarity with the transaction of shade of the house. The parapet cladding, overhang railings and the rooftop edges of the whole outside, from the windowsills to the gallery cladding, are additionally produced using the mineral material. The manufacturer is completely persuaded by the inventive mineral material – self-composed patio nursery furniture made totally from HI-MACS® is as of now being made arrangements for the spring.


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