The Sun House by Guz Architects

The Sun House by Guz Architects

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore
Photos: Guz Architects

We attempted to take advantage of the site by pushing the principle “L” state of the building to the back. This then made an open yard which was private yet with still a sentiment openness on the generally thickly constucted site, along these lines as yet taking into account great perspectives and wind current. We utilized the lakes and pool as cooling components for the building and visual central focuses.


Volumes and space were expanded however much as could reasonably be expected by sharing the open staircase and twofold stature living space with the patio territory. By the day’s end the house was likewise planned around the proprietor, who had a flawless accumulation of fine art and models and this enlivened the production of an extensive strong divider with corners which housed his works of art and giving the building a stay on which to grow different spaces.


The-Sun-House-03 The-Sun-House-04-0 The-Sun-House-04-1 The-Sun-House-04-2-1 The-Sun-House-04-2 The-Sun-House-04-3 The-Sun-House-04 The-Sun-House-05 The-Sun-House-06-1 The-Sun-House-06 The-Sun-House-07 The-Sun-House-08 The-Sun-House-09 The-Sun-House-12-755x1100 The-Sun-House-14

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