Yucatan House by Isay Weinfeld

Yucatan House by Isay Weinfeld

Architects: Isay Weinfeld
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2010
Photos:  FG+SG – Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra

The Yucatan house was inherent the verdant neighborhood of Jardins, in São Paulo, Brazil, for a youthful couple and their three children.Contemporary workmanship gatherers, they needed an extensive, splendid and casual environment home where they could bring up their youngsters and see them develop in close contact with nature, while additionally show the different pieces in their accumulation.


Consequently, everything about the house some way or another mirrors that brave family and their way of life: the blend of volumes, the association of the regions, the decision of materials, the lighting, the greenery, the pool. Seven boxlike volumes – diverse sizes, distinctive completions – were conveyed unevenly at the front some portion of the area, leaving an immeasurable greenhouse in the back. From the passageway, a long level surface – a divider secured in aluminum plaques painted dark, some portion of the volume that houses the carport – advances over the squares to the one containing the kitchen, trailed by the piece lodging the lounge area.


To one side of those 3 volumes, now and again extending out somewhat, different times subsiding, the remaining 4 squares are laid out, which include, separately: the little girl’s and visitor rooms, the children’s rooms, the main room, and the TV room and exercise center.


The “scattered` design leaves liberal spaces between the volumes that, bested by a wood-secured roof piece serve as dissemination, as well as asylum the fundamental front room, the family room and the masterpieces. A characteristic pool, stretching out from the lounge area to the back bit of the area, includes a framework to utilize, reuse and treat water that consolidates water plants and different fish, and is the youngsters’ most prominent happiness and fun.

Yucatan-House-05-1 Yucatan-House-05-2 Yucatan-House-05 Yucatan-House-06 Yucatan-House-07-1 Yucatan-House-07 Yucatan-House-08 Yucatan-House-09 Yucatan-House-10 Yucatan-House-11 Yucatan-House-12 Yucatan-House-21-1 Yucatan-House-21 Yucatan-House-22 Yucatan-House-23 Yucatan-House-31

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