Natural dark combinations with premium products by Pavel Kříž define the Signature restaurant

Architects: Studio Komplits, Pavel Kříž
Location: Popůvky, Czech Republic
Year: 2017
Photo courtesy: Kiva Photography

“Newly opened hotel Victory with original restaurant Signature is not just a pleasure for  gourmets with unique gastronomy. It is also great place for lovers of exceptional design.

The restaurant was designed by Pavel Kříž from Studio Komplits. The designer  combined just high quality materials, which give the interior diversity and harmony in same time. The restaurant is divided by functions into four parts: restaurant itself, breakfast bar, lounge and saloon. The whole space is very variable. It can be divided into particular parts or connected into a one spacious area. That means that eventhough single parts have different character, they work very good together as the one big space.

Usage of different shapes and materials of furniture helps to create lively and playful atmosphere. You can choose if you want to have lunch on a massive rectangular table or if you want to drink coffe by a metal round table. Playful elements in the space of restaurant are shell chairs and natural wood floors Admonter.

High quality materials, precise details, atmospheric lighting with combination of a prime gastronomy-that all waits for you in restaurant Signature.”

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