SilverWood House by Ernesto Pereira

SilverWood House by Ernesto Pereira

Architects: Ernesto Pereira
Location: Mindelo, Vila do Conde, Portugal
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: João Morgado

Just … the SilverWoodHouse … any endeavor to descriptors misses the mark regarding the last experience of thought … congrats and expresses gratitude toward Ernesto” These were the expressions of my customers Rui and Marisa when gotten some information about SilverWoodHouse. I couldn’t be more awed by the answer, on my approach to see the construction modeling. A test, an elucidation, a creation, by me, not for me, but rather for somebody.


In my first enormous venture and work, the uneasiness of the last thought and experience the force of the space, was colossal. I live in it as a visitor obviously, however I could jump into the pool and rests in the sun, a treat and an honor to take point of interest and attempt my work. Yes, SilverWoodHouse, is my presentation to the universe of configuration, engineering and useful, my course over the span of an undertaking/work, moves from its origination to its development. I have truly gotten my hands grimy, fundamentally in the specialty of carpentry. Additional satisfying, still, was seeing the family satisfied ( folks included) with the last item, and the pride they felt in demonstrating the “work” to their visitors.


It began when I ended up without an unmistakable profession way subsequent to having executed a venture for relatives which left me disappointed because of the powerlessness to participe in the process from start to finish. By feeling what construction modeling could accomplish, which I accept was taught to me, I purchased an abandoned house and changed it into a home and an office. This is my greatest mockup, my constantly advancing, unending task.


My childhood and surroundings were constantly joined with development. On one hand I was encompassed by family and companions who were woodworkers and artisans. Then again, I was encompassed by a rustic domain where making contraptions, slingshots and confines were a favored interest. Also, the intemperate expenses of emerging my thoughts lead me the choice of making my own home through and through, by committing errors, unmaking and redoing. As the outcome so far was great, a couple who was strolling close to the shoreline loved and saw that my method for seeing structural engineering could tackle an issue they had.




I was demonstrated the house where the couple planned to live, gave that its change was to their loving and stunned them. I was requested that see what should be possible with the building, with no financial plan limit nor due date. The solicitation just involved the accompanying: a show-stopper, a captivating item in which the couple could see themselves living in.




Thus as I think structural engineering is the understanding of the customer/client’s necessities, I searched out to know them, exhaustively,their tastes, characteristics, routine and merriments. An answer was displayed: The SilverWoodHouse.




The redesigning work was one of a cruel place of regular development, inside dissemination and country outside understanding. I chose to convey the shoreline to my customers so they could feel, each day, the vicinity of the rises, sand and untreated wood.




The photographic diary amazed me. The caught minutes, the translation from individuals who were outsiders all the while, pictures that can represent themselves, the straightforward understanding, which triggers impressions of pride and care. Be that as it may, I feel suspicious. I believe you like this idea.



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