Ishibe House by ALTS Design Office

Ishibe House by ALTS Design Office

Architects: ALTS Design Office
Location: Shiga, Japan
Year: 2015
Area: 1,281 sqft / 119 sqm
Photo courtesy: ALTS Design Office

The trust of this customer is to live in a house simply like a redesigned distribution center. The sort of houses is broadened into different sorts, and such a house is common on the ground of monetary terms. Be that as it may, there’re issues as with respect to warmth protection limit and development to change over a distribution center into a house. Therefore, it costs the same sum as new development.


Along these lines, we constructed another house like a remodeled stockroom seeking after enhanced and profitable open spaces. The ground sits between old local location and new land available to be purchased in parcels. What’s more, it’s a territory encased by private streets. We made a building like a current distribution center at in the first place, and planned it painstakingly as though the customer redesigned it. We made a white-3D shape inside the building and put rooms required security inside the 3D square.


In doing as such, we esteemed the association of within and the outside. We made a split level house, and set out to make non-selective rooms on floor arranging. We made open spaces so that the customer can orchestrate them to suit the way of life. We could take account the strength and the natural weight in light of new development.


Notwithstanding that, we could include worldly unpredictability as though it were a current building. At that point we trust that the customer carries on with a profoundly rich life in this house adding profundity to it.

Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-04 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-05 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-06 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-07 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-08 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-09 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-10 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-11 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-12 Ishibe-House-by-ALTS-Design-Office-13

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