Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture

Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture

Architects: Yunakov architecture
Location: Bucha, Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Oleg Stelmakh

The hardest piece of the errand set before us was to “catch” the style and extents of the colossal planner F.L Wright. One of the basic standards of Wright’s building design is “squeezed” by the rooftop volume of the house, due to which it appears that the floor stature is low, and the house has a proclaimed even structure.


The second standard is a tremendous take-out from the front of the rooftop, which gives a clue of conventional Japanese construction modeling. The third standard is countless porches, which are additionally extended by the development site. As per the level way of the alleviation and the dynamic vertical vegetation, style Wright especially great “fit” in the region for improvement. Uncommon consideration was gone to practical zoning and building design. All arranging is flood of the inside spaces with outside secured patios and scene.


The house comprise of lobby, lounge area, kitchen, office, visitor rooms and two made porches on the progress floor. Also, 3 rooms with bathrooms and an open patio on the second floor. Additionally there is indoor stopping, which effectively “played” up in the composite arrangement. The veneer is made of hand-demonstrated clinker, limestone and normal wood. The rooftop secured with copper. Window framework is 106 wooden profile and twofold glass.


The entire scene is worked out with reference to the little Japanese gardens.

Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-04 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-05 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-06 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-07 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-08 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-09 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-10 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-11 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-12 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-13 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-14 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-15 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-16 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-17 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-18 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-19 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-20 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-21 Prairie-House-by-Yunakov-Architecture-22

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