Interior AK by INT2architecture

Interior AK by INT2architecture

Architects: INT2architecture
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: INT2architecture

Space is separated into a typical territory, a corridor, a room, a lavatory and an overhang. The regular zone incorporates a kitchen, a lounge area, a pantry and a parlor territory. The passageway corridor with an open stroll in closet is isolated from the front room by the solid square parcel divider that permits normal light into the closet space through ventilation obstructs in the upper columns. The sliding entryway in the front room prompts a detached brilliant room. Overhang is left void at the caution without bounds occupants: for the conceivable bike stockpiling or breakfast territory.


Materials utilized as a part of this task are reasonable and promptly accessible: hardwood pine floors, white fired tiles, birch plywood. Solid floors in the passage and on the overhang and solid roof are left unfinished just secured with the defensive glossy silk varnish.


A portion of the furniture and frill was made or altered by us on the spot: plywood boxes along the windows, eating table and seats, TV console in the parlor region, dresser, bedside tables, garments rail in the room, racks in the kitchen and in the stroll in closet, sliding entryways, lampshades, handles, table under the sink, tissue and towels holders in the washroom.


Plywood development along the windows is a storage room for books, tableware, gifts, and so forth., and an ornamental screen for the radiators. Openings on the veneers assume the part of handles, and also the part of cross section for the warmth dissemination amid the cool season. The example of the gaps is not inadvertent, it is a scrambled message to the future occupants.


Numerous things in the inside have new capacity. For instance the bedside table – modernized steel warming stove with the coordinated lights made of copper channel and fittings. The eating table was made of pine furniture board and balusters as the legs. The dull green dresser in the room is a repainted pine kitchen pantry and balusters. Therapeutic jug of dim cocoa glass are utilized as stylistic theme.


Modernization of IKEA furniture is a fabulous strategy if having a constrained spending plan. There are a couple of illustrations in this undertaking.


Television console in the family room is made of two BESTÅ modules, pinewood stage and legs of the balusters painted copper. Birch plywood sheets we appended to the standard IKEA entryways. A table under the sink in the restroom is made of a tablet table edge VITSHЁ, furniture sheets and a drawer for little things made of plywood. Handles for the kitchen veneers were made of calfskin and copper bolts , IKEA lampshade casings were painted copper.

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