Energy Efficient Wooden House Zilvar by ASGK Design

Energy Efficient Wooden House Zilvar by ASGK Design

Architects: ASGK Design
Location: Lodín, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Petra Hajska

The exploratory low-vitality wooden house Zilvar won respectable notice the Architecture Grand Prix in 2014 in the Family House class. The area is situated in the edges of a little calm town encompassed by fields, knolls and woods and is the perfect spot for peace and unwinding. The financial specialist chose to build a weekend house which is composed as one living space with two displays which furnishes greatest correspondence with the patio nursery. Its eccentric shape opens up perspectives of the old oak tree and lake, and over the porch to the garden’s focal area.


The building is planned inside of the present building zone of a little town in East Bohemia. It is situated at the road end and is isolated from open field by only a couple of old trees. The greenery, normal lake in the greenhouse and encompassing town structures drove us to plan a straightforward building (space) with varieties of a pitched rooftop. The façade is a play on square windows, some can be opened, some taken cover behind wooden boards and giving diffuse light, or in the inside saturating the library. The house is predominantly to relax, perusing and as a shelter for the proprietor’s youngsters.


The building contains the passage space connected to the lavatory and living space, with the rooms composed independently in the raised displays. The lounge room and kitchenette structure one open entire which is partitioned just by furniture, and a brought stage up in the south segment of the house which serves as an unwinding zone with library and perspective out over the greenhouse. This room likewise incorporates a staircase paving the way to the display. Starting from the earliest stage, there is access to the secured open air porch, with the wooden floor the same outside and inside, bringing about the optical connecting of the outside and inside. The entire house is joined with the outside with expansive coated ranges – primarily strong frameless coating, which likewise guarantees adequate light in the inside.


The timber edge structure is outlined utilizing KVH development timber profiles. From within, the external burden bearing dividers are secured with 18mm (0.7in) thick OSB, and from the outside with fibreboard. Divider development is diffuse and open. The rooftop covering is built from nailed secured OSB and fibreboard, with respect to the outer dividers.


The inner dividers produced using burden bearing KVH segments are secured by OSB on both sides. Non-burden bearing parcels are outlined utilizing a twofold secured 100mm (3.93in) thick plasterboard framework. Dampness safe plasterboard is utilized as a part of rooms with high dampness conditions.


The dividers contain 18cm (7in) thick mineral fleece protection with 4cm (1.6in) fibreboard on the outside. The rooftop additionally contains the same 18cm (7in) thick protection, with 8cm (3.14in) fibreboard remotely furthermore 4cm (1.6in) fibreboard inside. The ground floor deck contains protection with an aggregate thickness of 20cm (7.87in). Windows are planned from wood profile with protected triple coating loaded with idle gas. The windows are frameless. The façade is composed with a ventilated space. Outwardly, it is framed of wood cladding which has been recolored. The cladding goes the distance to rooftop level and structures a spread for the rooftop waterproofing sheet.


The inside dividers and roofs are predominantly secured with plywood sheets, and the dividers in the bathrooms and can are tiled with clay tiles. The wooden floorboards proceed specifically onto the patio. In the lavatory, clay floor tiles will be laid on the varnished floorboards in the displays.


The building is intended to a low-vitality standard, the external structure is a diffuse open design. Mineral protection is embedded into the structure, and windows are composed with wood and aluminum casings and protected triple coating. The item is essentially warmed utilizing brilliant infrapanels, in addition to an extra wood-smoldering stove. Boiling hot water is delivered utilizing a bivalent tank with the choice for joining with sun based authorities. The principle living space has huge arrangement coating to exploit sun based increase in winter. In summer, the coating is secured by the porch ceiling.

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