3 Ways To Improve Home Decor

3 Ways To Improve Home Decor


There are several ways to improve home decor and that provides the opportunity to say something about your personality, creating a kind of space you enjoy while taking advantage of colors and patterns to create a sense of calm, make it feel warm and inviting or bright and lively. Making improvements in the decor may even increase your home’s value when it comes time to put it on the market among Arlington real estate or anywhere else, enticing those potential homebuyers to bring higher offers.

While there are many ways to improve your home decor, these three easy ways can have a significant impact.


Add Plenty of Greenery

Spending time in nature is good for the soul. Bringing it indoors by adding plenty of greenery not only creates a better environment for wellness by reducing stress, releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide to freshen the air, but it can make any space looking more attractive and welcoming.

Use plant stands, bar carts, baskets, vertical gardens, and/or small hanging plants. Air plants are incredibly easy to keep alive and will brighten up any space. Using eucalyptus provides a clean, distinct fragrance – you might scatter some fresh eucalyptus branches across your mantle if you have one, adding a gorgeous boost of greenery to your living room. Have fun and get creative – all greenery will help beautify your home while lifting the mood of everyone who steps inside.


Bring in the Mirrors

Another way to improve home decor is by adding at least one mirror to every room helps to reflect light, making a space feel brighter by bouncing the light around while opening up spaces. When they’re hung opposite a piece of furniture, painting, or an important architectural element, they highlight that item, giving it even more importance. Ideally, they should be placed perpendicular to your windows rather than directly across from them and it will make a big difference in the amount of light in the room. If you hang a mirror directly opposite a window, it tends to bounce the light right back out.

Using a large mirror in a small space helps to create the illusion of space and depth, making a small room feel bigger. Consider what effect you want to create when choosing a framed mirror, whether traditional, classic, edgy, or modern.


Focus on the Lighting – the last way to improve home decor

The right lighting can add personality, color, and warmth to any living space, while coming at a relatively low cost. It’s well known for setting the mood of a room, for example, one that’s well lit can make you feel more energetic and happier. Cool, white-toned lights provide a sense of calm, ideal for relaxation.

Use light to define areas like seating groups while leaving darker spaces in between. You might want to add dimmer switches so that you can change up the mood of a room, dimming the lights in the evening, for example. Layering your lighting by placing a mix of ambient, task, and accent lights at various levels instead of having one big, glaring light in the middle of the ceiling is almost always more appealing. In your kitchen, you might add under cabinet lighting which fills shadows, recessed lights in front of upper cabinets, and perhaps a pendant light over an island.

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