6 Tips for Organizing Your Campus Dorm Room like an Expert Designer

6 Tips for Organizing Your Campus Dorm Room like an Expert Designer

We can all agree that a campus dorm room is one of the smallest spaces we live in during our lifetime. It’s not just you or us. Even expert interior designers face challenges when organizing such a small space. That’s why they recommend various tips that can help students organize their rooms and live more comfortably.

Maybe you have already seen some of the ideas among your friends. Lucky you if none of your friends has used these techniques. Once you use these tips and then invite them to your room, they will almost hire you to be their organizer. Apply these six ideas and eliminate your concerns about space.


Hang Your Laundry Bag

Students get it all wrong when they leave their laundry bags on the floor. With such a small space, how are you going to study without getting distracted? Even if you hire someone for “do my work for me” services, you still need a comfortable environment to surf the Internet and study for the finals.

Therefore, go for a hanging laundry bag that is usually made of cloth. All you need is a hook that will support the bag in your closet or any other place where it won’t be a distractor. It will save you so much time and give you the freedom to enjoy a larger space.


Use Ice Trays to Store the Small Items

Jewelry and other small items may be such a bother when they lie all over the place. They may also get lost when they are not organized. Therefore, the next time you go shopping, get a few ice trays and use them to place your watches, earrings, necklace, and other small items.

For women, the trays come in handy, especially for organizing the small make-up items such as lipstick if you have different shaded that cannot fit in a make-up bag.


Go for Folding Chairs if You Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sofa

Folding chair in Campus Dorm Room

For most students, folding chairs come in handy. The micro spaces cannot be organized well unless you have flexible furniture. Nothing beats a folding chair because when not in use, you just fold it and use the space for something else.

You will find these chairs around the shopping centers close to your college. Ask other students where to get such furniture around. They may be knowing the surrounding market well, and they may suggest even better ideas than what you have in mind.


Get a File Divider for Your Kitchenette

Your kitchen area can be messy if you mix your spoons, cups, and plates. But it doesn’t have to be that way simply because you have limited space. Get a file divider and use it to separate cups from plates and spoons.

Once everything goes separately, it will be easy to locate utensils when you’re making dinner or breakfast. With a divider, kitchen accidents will be at a minimal. You won’t drop a cup while trying to reach the plate or spoon. Don’t you love that?


Get Some Movable Hanging Closet Shelves

The truth is that you may not have the luxury of a big closet like the one you are used to at home. Yet you need to make your room comfortable so that your college life may be fun and enjoyable. Have you ever heard of hanging closet shelves? They are a life-saver for every student.

You can organize the shelves so that your jeans go on one shelf, undies in another and so on. Ask a friend to help you organize the shelves. If you have a roommate, the better as he or she can help in making the room spacious and comfortable.


Buy a Wall Organizer to Add Space to your Campus Dorm Room

You are not limited by the space you find in the campus room. You can add space using a wall organizer. Get one or two organizers for:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals

Remember to ask an expert to do it on your behalf if you don’t know how to install the organizer carefully. You don’t want to regret felling the wall or cracking things as they may spoil the interior of your room.

In conclusion, a campus room doesn’t have to be boring. It is your second home until you graduate. Therefore, you should organize it well to make the environment homey and comfortable. Get a wall organizer, hanging laundry basket, ice trays, and other items that can help you add space to what you already have in the room. You can ask a friend to help you plan where every item will fit perfectly.

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