Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect

Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect

Architects: Christopher Polly Architect
Location: Rozelle, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2011
Area: 1,703 sqft
Photo courtesy: Brett Boardman

The undertaking just and specifically extrapolates existing formal qualities in arrangement and segment, with expansion of key existing materials and completions to hold some memory of its past incarnation – while giving an essentially extended arrangement of associated inside volumes that bridle access to daylight, ventilation and perspectives of tree overhangs, sky and area past.


The outline system involves: 1. The insertion of a ground floor open arrangement kitchen, eating and living volume produced by expansion of the current envelope and roof and floor levels to an arrived at the midpoint of arrangement foot shaped impression of a previous shelter, trailed by a back first floor expansion that expels the past floor plate and peak finished pitched rooftop structure over the new ground floor spaces.


The maintenance of the house of God volume inside of the new first floor room course of action and extrapolation of the first floor raked roof to-divider datum that recorders the arrangement of all statures wrapped around this volume, gently crossed over to raked roof lines by lightweight translucent polycarbonate – with an open stair and extensive etched void that vertically extends the relationship between two already random floors.


Fine steel plate components differentiate an age-old weatherboard cladding profile and extensive breadths of shallow pocket altered glass and western red cedar remotely sliding entryways and turning windows offer fluctuating degrees of openness and walled in area.


A midway found ground floor administration center suits an extended lavatory, clothing and capacity, empowering direct association of living spaces to obviously characterized finished open air spaces, while a first floor restroom improves luxury to two included rooms. The arrangement course of action reflects present day examples of utilization by the procurement of two living spaces to empower imperative partition of grown-up and kids capacities.


The back open arrangement volume gives a “day” space for suppers readiness, eating and sweeping pleasure in the back greenery enclosure, while the upper front room gives a “night” space for sitting in front of the TV, perusing and detachment from utilities. A third first floor room gives adaptability to future use as a study.


Surrendered floor space empowers savor the experience of an etched extended stair void and cantilevered overhang. Economical gleam opalescent polycarbonate reflects and transmits light by day while empowering a lamp like nature of spaces by night to underline the volumetric extensiveness of first floor inside structures. Reused Blackbutt flooring join old and new ground floor zones, temperate LVL outlines a reused Blackbutt lined stair, while walnut stain over amplified existing pine flooring improves the first floor.


Huge parts of the of the current structure were intentionally held to lessen its carbon info. Use was made of reused Blackbutt timber remotely and inside; superior coating to diminish heat loads; outside retractable ignorant concerning control northern sun powered get to and heat increase; generous divider and roof warm protection; vitality proficient lights and apparatuses and water-sparing fittings.

Elliott-Ripper-House-08 Elliott-Ripper-House-09 Elliott-Ripper-House-10 Elliott-Ripper-House-11 Elliott-Ripper-House-12 Elliott-Ripper-House-13 Elliott-Ripper-House-14 Elliott-Ripper-House-15 Elliott-Ripper-House-17-1 Elliott-Ripper-House-17 Elliott-Ripper-House-18 Elliott-Ripper-House-21 Elliott-Ripper-House-22 Elliott-Ripper-House-23 Elliott-Ripper-House-24

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