Dalias House by grupoarquitectura

Dalias House by grupoarquitectura

Architects: grupoarquitectura
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Area: 11,840 sqft
Photo courtesy: Agustín Garza

The house is made of two separate very geometrical volumes, limestone Moca Fino that bind with a glass pergola with wooden double height is the main hall of the house where all the spaces are articulated.

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The volumes are extremely closed to the outside and almost entirely open to the beautiful gardens and terraces facing south and west to capture all the sunlight in the pool and terraces, so we designed some aluminum parasols and lounge areas have a air Free shaded.

Dalias House grupoarquitectura-02

The house was concepted with a mixed system of concrete and steel structure system that allowed us to clear 14 meters wide open without support; with the exceptional idea of ​​integrating the exterior to the interior spaces.

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The house has many neutral colors in their volumes because all this lined inside and outside Limestone Beige and floors are all black granite finish leather finish. This allowed us to apply colors and varied textures on furniture, rugs and what is more, we think we really have colors and gardens.

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All the furniture is imported and includes brands such as Felxform, Ceccotti, Paola Lenti, Meridiani, Gervasoni, Lema, Porro, Modulnova, Maxalto, Casa Milano.

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In terms of sustainability, the house has an optimal orientation for all spaces, so in matters of temperature is extremely comfortable, all the windows are Low-E. We have solar cells for heating pool water and domestic use and radiant heating. We have a system of recycled wastewater for irrigation and an intelligent system of several art filters for water purification.

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All electrical systems are automated home, including lighting, audio, video, security, heating, blinds, etc … ..

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Customers always believed in us and gave us total freedom to concept all designs, making the process very smooth and fast. We can say that is one of the very few projects that we have developed in that absolutely nothing changed from the first draft to the delivery of the house.

Dalias House grupoarquitectura-09 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-10 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-11 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-12 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-13 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-14 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-15 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-16 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-17 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-18 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-19 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-20 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-21 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-22 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-23 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-24 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-25 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-26 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-27 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-28 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-29 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-30Dalias House grupoarquitectura-31 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-32 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-33 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-34 Dalias House grupoarquitectura-35

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