SUVI House by Maria Lorena Apolo & Architects

SUVI House by Maria Lorena Apolo & Architects

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Area: 5,113 sqft
Photo courtesy: Maria Lorena Apolo & Architects

The project is set on 475sqm (5,113sqft) site which has the asset of being the focal point of the main avenue in the neighborhood, giving the house a unique prominence.


The interplay of volumes in the house, generated by the H shaped plan accentuates the straight lines and rough materials like wood, glass and exposed concrete.


The house main concept revolves around a central inner garden, which divides and at the same time visually connects the different environments by emphasizing the horizontal circulations and perspective views from the ground floor to the upper floor and vice versa.


The garden’s focus is a Suche tree inside a glass box, which becomes the main visual point from every perspective view in the social area. This garden is a natural lung and cooling system to the house, as opening the windows, it provides crossed ventilation to every space. The tree divides the entry hall from the access to the covered terrace which is the main hallway between the kitchen and the social area. The wood light structure canopy is the integrating element among all of the ground floor spaces and the pool, making of it a whole open space.


In the upper floor, the 4 bedrooms are connected by a glass and wood screen corridor that bring into the house the silhouette of the Suche tree.

Suvi-House-05 Suvi-House-06 Suvi-House-07 Suvi-House-08 Suvi-House-09 Suvi-House-10 Suvi-House-11 Suvi-House-12 Suvi-House-13 Suvi-House-14

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