Chokchai 4 House by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

Chokchai 4 House by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

Architects: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2013
Area: 4,521 ft²/ 420 m²
Photo courtesy: Baan Lae Suan

Ramp, yard and metal cross section shade are three noteworthy parts for making a feeling of escaping outside for this house. There is an auto paint shop at the front, a service station at the back, an old shop house on one side and a no man’s land on the other side. Situated at the focal point of these surroundings, tranquility blurs away with air contamination from auto motors and smoke. These are the conditions for outlining the inside space that looks for delight, even energy, for its occupants, and in the meantime, stays away from unsettling influence from outside environment. The three parts said above are chosen as outline arrangements.


The ramp prompts all aspects of the house. It begins from a passage and proceeds to a parking spot, a little lake, a yard where a major tree can be seen lastly enters an inside space where a drawing room, a lounge area and a kitchen are all found first floor. With the tree stays in the visual perception, the slope changed into a stair, driving the tenants to the second floor, passing a little room and a vast room. The way closes at the parlor at the highest point of the house. This slope empowers the tenants to follows each progression of their entry, seeing nearly their living space and the huge tree.


As the space turns into a cushion zone that shields the house from encompassing environment, a breezy patio is composed as remuneration: a room without roof that permits the occupants to consider stars to be common lights and the downpour to tumble to the enormous tree.


Like fabric window ornament that delicately conceals inside from outside; metal cross section drapery that grasps the entire second floor looks after protection. Rather than utilizing a bit of fabric, the tender line of metal cross section blind is sufficient for hiding.

Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-04 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-05 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-06 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-07 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-08 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-09 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-10 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-11 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-12 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-13 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-14 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-15 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-16 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-17 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-18 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-19 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-20 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-21 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-22 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-23 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-24 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-25 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-26 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-27 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-28 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-29 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-30 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-31 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-32 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-33 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-34 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-35 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-36 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-37 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-38 Chokchai-4-House-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-39

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