House in Slate by RS+

House in Slate by RS+

Architects: RS+
Location: Tychy, Poland
Year: 2015
Area: 2,594 ft²/ 241 m²
Photo courtesy: Tomasz Zakrzewski

The house is situated in a calm area in the south of Katowice. There was a plantation with apple trees on the current plot. The neighboring building and zoning arrangement forced pitched rooftop geometry.


The building is situated along the street to cut off private greenery enclosure from the road. The peak austere dividers are as close as could be expected under the circumstances to the neighboring plots. Principle dark strong with pitched rooftop, is completely clad with slate. The unmistakable frontal corner to corner line of the hood is bringing down as per brought down room’s floor over the carport.


Every one of the windows operating at a profit strong, including the rooftop, are strip windows.


The fundamental body is penetrated by complexity, intensely coated, white cubic component, which houses living zone. Front room is totally shot out outside the fundamental strong to get southern light, totally coated two dividers generally open it for a patio nursery with apple trees.

House-in-Slate-by-RS-04On the ground floor traditionally there is open space living region with visitor room, utility room and carport for two autos. To begin with/upper Floor suits the resting territory, youngster’s room, work room and an open mezzanine with a bookshelf. All the different rooms on the main floor are lit from the east.

House-in-Slate-by-RS-05 House-in-Slate-by-RS-06 House-in-Slate-by-RS-07 House-in-Slate-by-RS-08 House-in-Slate-by-RS-09 House-in-Slate-by-RS-10 House-in-Slate-by-RS-11 House-in-Slate-by-RS-12 House-in-Slate-by-RS-13 House-in-Slate-by-RS-14 House-in-Slate-by-RS-15 House-in-Slate-by-RS-16 House-in-Slate-by-RS-17 House-in-Slate-by-RS-18 House-in-Slate-by-RS-19 House-in-Slate-by-RS-20 House-in-Slate-by-RS-21 House-in-Slate-by-RS-22

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