Comprehensive rebuild of Peraleda House by Losada García located in a small and historic town in Cáceres, Spain

Comprehensive rebuild of Peraleda House by Losada García located in a small and historic town in Cáceres, Spain

Architects: Losada García
Location: Peraleda de la Mata, Cáceres, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 3.552 ft²/ 330 m²
Photo courtesy: Losada García

“Peraleda House is a comprehensive rebuild, keeping part of the original walls of the existing house and the yard, located in a small and historic town in Cáceres. The project aims to think about how to revive an existing house into a contemporary home in a classic urban area setting with restrictive rules.


To do that, two distinct elements are combined. On the one hand, a stone element as the ordinances dictate that lays the base of the house span the entrance and give access to the home through metal doors. On the other hand, a sinuous line crosses the night areas and the pool and forms the inner courtyard.


This duality provides two types of facades: an introverted one with metallic and flared openings respond to those of a church across the street; and the other one is extroverted with large openings that let in light through the courtyard.”

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