Eco-Golf House 3D Rendering by Studio Aiko

Eco-Golf House 3D Rendering by Studio Aiko

Architects: Studio Aiko
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Studio Aiko

Our test in this undertaking was to make the thick vegetation encompassing the house which required some exertion from our side.

Together with the customer, we comprehended the idea of the biological house and with that learning, we drew nearer it and attempted to reproduce the vision that the customer was going for.


The idea of this house, as portrayed by the customer, was to make natural frameworks and foundation, prompting the house’s structural engineering and insides. The natural swimming pool made a stream of water in and around the house.


A feeling of adaptability inside and outside of the house was made by erasing the outskirts between the two.

golf_house_03 golf_house_04 golf_house_05 golf_house_06 golf_house_07 golf_house_08 golf_house_09 golf_house_10 golf_house_11

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