Built out of rough stone, crawls low under the trees: Casa Meztitla by EDAA

Built out of rough stone, crawls low under the trees: Casa Meztitla by EDAA

Architects: EDAA
Location: Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
Year: 2014
Area: 4,306 ft²/ 400 m²
Photo courtesy: Yoshihiro Koitani

“Casa Meztitla is a mediation of a characteristic situation. It showcases the rich estimation of relaxation, the tropical climate, the extraordinary daylight, the odors of nature, the more than 500 year-old arranged porches and the ever-exhibit rock mountain: El Tepozteco. It is connection in itself. The house, worked out of harsh stone, slithers low under the trees, adjusted to the vegetated-secured stone inclines. It is the making of unadulterated space inside of the common space (Paz, O., 1987). It has a withdrawn living yet is ceaselessly open to its environment. Just two components uncover its presence to the outside world: the brilliant bougainvillea blooms indicating arbitrarily through the trees’ thick foliage, which check the plot’s edge; and the gigantic and solid white box that rises through the treetops.”


The site was chosen without anyone else, in a kind of locate an awesome site and construct a-house commission. I chose this site, initially, because of its non-costly cost around then. Second, in view of its unprecedented regular scene and its closeness to El Tepozteco mountain (a national park). My first decision was another land parcel, further into the hedge, however the customers were not happy with the absence of closeness to a road.The task is situated in a region called Meztitla (in Nahuatl dialect implies: place close to the moon) in the edges of Tepoztlán, a town 90 km south of Mexico City, in the Morelos territory.


The development materials are mineral and essential, privately gave and made: concrete for the establishments, storm cellar, and principle basic components; volcanic shake and bond hinder for the dividers; a blend of white concrete and lime for putting the white-hued dividers.


The explanation behind this straightforward and sensible determination of materials all through the undertaking is for financial and relevant reasons, with respect to the customer’s appeal to have a house in a subtropical rainforest, which is effortlessly kept up. The materials will age normally and mix with the connection!


The explanation behind them is straightforward: the plot is at an unprecedented normal situation and the climate is generous; I needed this to be a house that would never near itself, that would be always opened and in contact with nature yet the customers were not confortable with this thought of being so uncovered. The thought of having the “opening” been shut by rotatory glass entryways was a decent arrangement. Presently, everybody can modify their level of introduction while keeping a consistent visual connection with the outside. Other than that, the rotatory boards are exceptionally expressive structural insightful.


Two primary (three considering the pool) water repositories exist: the consumable water store which is secured under the grass porch and can be seen outlined in one of the segment drawings, and the support water repository which is round, opened to nature.


The water framework portrayed gives enough water to the house lasting through the year. Thoughtfully, this tempest water administration catches each drop of downpour that touches the property (3800sqm), utilizes it as a part of various ways, and does not give a drop a chance to out. In this district the downpour season keeps going (seriously) just from July to September/October. The outcome is water in plenitude and a real estate parcel that somehow is always flooded.

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