The Contemporary Honor Residence by PODesign

The Contemporary Honor Residence by PODesign

Architects: PODesign
Location: Thailand
Year: 2016
Area: 58.125 ft²/ 5.400 m²
Photo courtesy: beersingnoi

“The Honor Residence is composed with 12 pool villa located near Ram Inthra-At Narong Expressway which is directly connected to Bangkok CBD.


U-shape planning for each unit is developed to create its own courtyard and keeps privacy for each individual house. At 2nd floor exterior wall, Lava stone cladding is set to be floating, and yet create a simple solid geometry.


Interlocking the stone frame, wooden box and screen is introduced for sun shading and blending with surrounding. Post tension structure system is selected in order to create high ceiling interior space with wide span, the column-free floating box above the swimming pool. Open plan allow spaces to flow from one function to other.”

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